EXPOSED: Car Insurance Comparison Sites to AVOID!

I’ve always thought the car insurance comparison industry was a bit “dodgy.” Well, Channel 4 television have confirmed my suspicions

“Supershoppers” was a show that aired on Channel 4 recently, and what they found out was that many of the well known car insurance comparison websites will actually charge you more for going through them, in some cases £300 more.

The New Car Insurance Scandal

Hang on a minute…I thought these so called comparison websites were supposed to save you money, not cost you more of it? Unfortunately, many innocent UK motorists are getting hit in the pocket, and let’s face it, ripped off.

Why is this happening anyway? According to the Channel 4 show “Supershoppers” it has a lot to do with the fact that many of the well known comparison websites are actually owned by, yes you guessed it…the car insurance companies themselves.

Supershoppers claim that Aviva has a major share in MoneySuperMarket and that Admiral now owns the site

Now I don’t know if these particular examples are true or not, it’s just what the Channel 4 TV show is claiming, but it does go to show you that you should not always take everything at face value.

The simple fact of the matter is that most UK motorists assume that every comparison website is fair and independent, with the sole goal of finding them the best deals.

The reality is usually much different, especially when you consider the car insurance market is now more competitive than ever before, where companies will do almost anything to get an advantage over their rivals.

Fat Cat Sat on The Mat…in The Meeting Room

These car insurance fat cats sit around in their meeting rooms day after day and month after month, looking for new ways to make you pay more for car insurance. If annoying adverts won’t do it, then they simply start buying up the comparison sites.

Fortunately, not every car insurance comparison website has fat cats pulling the strings, so to speak. There are a few of the originals left…those sites that started out years ago with integrity and honesty.

Real Comparison Sites to The Rescue

Just like the site you are on right now…Cheap Car Insurance…one of the original “REAL” car insurance comparison sites that remains truly independent.

You can be rest assured, there is no hidden agenda when you fill in our form and start getting quotes. We only want you to find the very best prices from one of the over 100 companies who partner with us.

My advice is to forget the rest and go with the best, comparison website that is. Luckily your search is over because you are now on the right site.

Best Documentary of The Year – “The Award Goes To…”

Maybe Channel 4 should do a TV show on how great Cheap Car Insurance is? They should do, and it would be great television, that’s for sure.

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