“Front and Side Photos Please,” Said The Insurer

In the UK getting car insurance is easy. You visit a comparison website, find the best deals, and then sign up. How simple is that? Very.

Maybe they make things more complicated in the USA…Arkansas to be exact, where a rather bizarre car insurance news story has just hit the headlines.

Name of Driver? Me!

What appears to have happened is that a 25 year old teacher by the name of Alyssa wanted to get insured on her Grandmother’s vehicle, no doubt as a named driver on the existing insurance policy.

Here in the UK it’s very common of course for this to happen, although some people do take advantage of the situation by fronting.

Back to the story and it appears that the insurance company asked Alyssa to send in a few basic details about herself and photos of the front and side. Obviously they just wanted to confirm everything was legit before adding her to the policy.

The Wrong Kind of Photos

This led Alyssa to do something that many have described as “bizarre,” she sent photos of herself standing in front and side poses, the kind of photos you would expect from someone applying to a modelling agency…not a car insurance company.

“I am going to need pictures like you just took, except it needs to be of your vehicle,” came the reply from the insurer after they had viewed the photos.

Alyssa instantly noticed her mistake and then went on to send front and side photos of the car so her insurance application could be considered.

Car Insurance on Instagram and Facebook

Much to her credit, Alyssa didn’t shy away from her mistake, and instead, decided to post the pictures on her Instagram and Facebook accounts with the story of what happened.

Referring to the original pictures Alyssa said…”The crazy thing is, I asked my Mom to take the pictures after I got off work, and we discussed why in the world he would need pictures of me, never once considering it was supposed to be of my car.”

It seems that Alyssa is not alone though, as many other people on social media admitted they would probably make the same mistake.

Can I just take this opportunity to discourage anybody from sending in “front and side” photos to us here at Cheap Car Insurance.

A 3 Minute Form…That’s It

Fortunately, you don’t need to send any kind of photos to get insurance in the UK, all you need to do is fill in this simple form.

Are we not always hearing about drivers doing silly things though? How about the time when a guy was pulled over by the Police for eating cereal at the wheel or how car owners are getting car insurance quotes on a beer mats.

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