Tesla Launch Car Insurance…We Are NOT Buying It

If there is one thing that everybody in the UK dislikes…it’s how car insurance is getting more expensive. Many are being hit in the pocket.

I’ve reported before of course on how London is the most expensive place to insure a car in the UK (around £1500) and how the West Midlands is quickly catching up (just over £1000).

Thousands Come Here Every Month

This has led drivers all around the country to flock towards car insurance comparison websites in their droves in a bid to save as much money as they can.

In fact, it’s the reason why Cheap Car Insurance exists..we want to save you a fortune on your motoring costs, because if we are not in your corner then who is…those so called comparison websites that spend a fortune on silly adverts? I don’t think so.

Not everyone seems to be in favour of comparing car insurance however. Most notably, the electric car manufacturer Tesla, who are about to launch a new insurance product that is designed to save 40% on car insurance costs.

The Flaws Are Obvious

InsureMyTesla is the name and cheap quotes is “supposedly” the game, although if you ask me there are many potential flaws to this so called insurance product.

For example, the whole car insurance market right now is at a point where the consumer is firmly in control. If you don’t like one company, then simply shop around to find another one. Switching has never been easier.

However, if you buy a Tesla car and then get insurance directly from them, you might find it difficult to move on if you find a better deal elsewhere.

Who knows for sure…but I really think you are better off getting car insurance the traditional way, rather than going with a car manufacturer to insure your car.

Facebook Car Insurance? FLOP!

This reminds me of the time when technology giants such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook were talking about getting into the car insurance game. My opinion at the time was that they should just stick to what they do best and not try to spread themselves too thin.

For example, Google is primarily a search engine that sells advertising space on its website, that is where the majority of their income comes from. Do you really think they are setup to give you the best quality car insurance money can buy? Hardly. I would say exactly the same thing about Tesla.

Many companies have tried to branch out into car insurance over the years and many have completely failed.

Ignore The Rest, Start With The Best…

That is why you should go the traditional route when looking to get a new car insurance quote or renew your policy…and it all starts with a comparison website.

Fortunately, you can get quotes from many of the well known car insurance companies right here at Cheap Car Insurance. All you need to do is fill in some basic details about yourself, and then click a button to instantly receive cheap quotes.

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