The Surprise Market for Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are going to revolutionise UK roads over the coming years, but a certain niche within the population could benefit the most.

The over 75 market to be exact, who experts predict will be kept on the roads for longer thanks to driverless car technology.

The Luxury of Self Driving Cars

No longer will the older generation have to get behind the wheel and keep their hands at 10 and 2. Instead, they can put their feet up and let the car drive, while still enjoying the independence of having their own vehicle.

Last year it was reported that nearly 16,000 drivers over the age of 75 had their licence taken away from them, and with checks becoming more strict this is only going to keep on happening.

Maybe having their licences snatched away is justified or not, but what I do know is that with a driverless car in the garage there should never be a reason to stop a pensioner from hitting the roads.

I Want a Ford

As soon as driverless cars go on sale then showrooms around the country are expecting the over 75 market to be right at the front of the queue. They will most likely prefer to buy a Ford and won’t have any problem sharing a charging point with their neighbours

As we speak, there is no legal age that someone must stop driving, and right now there are 2.5 million in the over 75 age bracket that still get behind the wheel on a regular basis.

However, with driverless technology soon to become the norm, there is no reason why every person over the age of 75 in the UK should be able to keep on driving.


One pundit has even said that an extra 1.2 million pensioners could be out on the roads thanks to driverless technology. Let’s just hope that the cars are able to read road signs properly by then.

They might even be able to ask their car for the cheapest car insurance quotes, although I’m sure many of them will continue to do it the “old fashioned way” with a comparison website.

The Traditional Way to Compare

Every day, senior citizens visit sites such as Cheap Car Insurance to get cheap quotes. Many of them come here to change companies, especially when you consider that companies such as Age UK are handing out outrageous quotes right now. They no longer respect our elders, and that is why they are shopping around to find themselves a bargain.

Once driverless cars come into the mainstream then comparing car insurance is going to become even more important. I’ve reported before of course about how you will probably need 2 insurance policies for the cars that drive themselves.

Car Insurance for Pensioners

Fortunately, you are on the right website to compare driverless car insurance. Some are even calling this site the best place for over 75’s to get insured.

The reason? I think it’s because everything is so easy to use. Just fill in the simple form that should take no more than 3 minutes, and then be rewarded with around 100 quotes to choose from.

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