Salesman Fined Over “Dodgy” Car Insurance Scam

Car insurance is so expensive these days that almost everyone is desperate to find a loophole in the system. They want it cheap.

To the point where ordinary members of the public are willing to meet total strangers in back alleys, or even accept a quote written on the back of a beer mat down the local boozer. Times are tough it seems.

28K. No Way!

Just like when a guy in Coventry went to a Mercedes dealership and purchased a brand spanking new car with a cheque for £28,000. Of course, once you go with the salesman to the portacabin then expect the usual upsells. However, in Coventry it appears that some car sales people also offer dodgy car insurance.

As you can no doubt imagine, insuring a brand new Mercedes car is not exactly cheap, especially when you consider that Coventry is in the West Midlands where policies have become outrageous recently. A top of the line motor such as a Mercedes will come with a top of the line quote to match. You can bet on that.

Cheap Car Insurance…Cash Only

That is why the customer in this particular story was intrigued by the offer of cheap car insurance from the salesman, to the point where he slipped him a few banknotes under the table and told him to work the magic.

Unfortunately that never actually happened, and instead, the new Mercedes owner spent his first few days driving around without any car insurance at all. He kept on calling the salesman wondering where his cheap car insurance was, only to be given the brush off, time and time again.

Just Add a Car Insurance Broker on Facebook

Apparently, the Mercedes salesman was supposed to be in the know with a local car insurance broker who could organise mate rates for his best mate, who can then pass on those great rates to his customer, taking a few quid for himself no doubt.

It never happened though, and the Mercedes owner eventually had to go through the normal channels of getting car insurance.

Finally…Some Common Sense

A comparison website such as the one is the best way, where the form is filled in and then 100 quotes magically appear on the screen. Choose the best one and be directed to the site of an insurance company to make a payment. Simple.

Once he had the official documents for his insurance then it was time to teach the salesman a lesson. He wasn’t going to let him get away with taking his money with the promise of cheap insurance, only to then not deliver and ignore his calls.

So he took him to court, where a judge and jury decided that he was guilty and £250 as a fine and a repayment to the Mercedes owner was the only way forward.

Buy Car Insurance Legally

This story highlights the fact that you should always visit a comparison website to get cheap car insurance legally and above board. A trusted one like the one you are on now.

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