No Fawkes Given? Drivers Warned About Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is just a few days away and that means one thing…people around the UK are going crazy for rockets and any fireworks they can get.

Many firework seekers are heading out to their local supermarkets and then filling up their cars with as many rockets as possible, but before you attempt to shove that rocket where the sun doesn’t shine (your boot of course) you might want to consider a recent warning by insurance watchdogs.

Insurance Policy Destroyed…No Rocket Launcher Required

They have said that any driver caught with a small arsenal of explosives in their vehicle (in other words, fireworks), then it could potentially make your car insurance policy not worth the paper it is printed on.

The vast majority of policies only cover you for personal use when it comes to fireworks, if you go over 5kg then you might as well send your insurance certificate up with one of the rockets, and then watch it explode.

Remember, Remember…To Follow The Laws Of The Road

Not only that, but if pulled off the road by cops then expect a £300 fine and 6 points on your licence. You might even find yourself in jail on the 5th of November if you are carrying way too many rockets in your boot, especially if you are talking on your mobile phone and speeding at the same time.

If you really do need to transport more than 5kg of fireworks around on UK roads then you need to get yourself a firework storage licence. Also, make sure that you are aware the 5kg only applies to the weight of any explosives you have…not the weight of any packaging.

An insurance expert recently commented, “fireworks are dangerous items and you must make sure to take the proper precautions not just at home and in public but also when transporting them.”

My advice to any wannabe rocket transporter is to take them out of the cardboard packaging (which of course is flammable) and then put them in a plastic storage tub.

Also, don’t put them on the back seat, put them in the boot which is safer so you have less chance of becoming a travelling fireworks display on the motorway.

Uninsured Drivers Add Explosives to Vehicles

Unfortunately, not everybody is going to take my advice, especially when you consider that some people drive completely uninsured on UK roads.

It’s scary to think that many uninsured drivers could be driving around with enough explosives to take out a small country, and even more scary to know that if something does happen and you are caught up in the crossfire so to speak, then you probably won’t be able to claim anything from your insurance company, while the uninsured driver could very well claim compensation.

We have Brussels to thank for that one. Good old Europe again, let’s just hope that no-one decides to transport fireworks on their lawnmower.

Car Insurance Renewal – Compare Quotes

Hopefully most people in the UK will have a safe bonfire night, and if your car insurance is up for renewal either on or before the 5th of November then compare quotes right here.

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