£1,043 for Car Insurance in This Region (NOT London)

Whenever you think of the highest car insurance rates in the UK the first place that comes to mind is London. It really is expensive there.

However, another region is hot on the heels of our nations capital, as a recent survey shows that the price of car insurance has gone up £188 over the last year in this place.

West Midlands = Expensive

What is this place we are talking about? The West Midlands to be exact, which includes the city of Birmingham of course.

Prices are becoming so outrageous in the West Midlands that it’s now estimated the average car insurance price for a resident there is a whopping £1,043. People in this region don’t look forward to car insurance renewal time…that’s for sure.

Insuring your car is a requirement by law though, which means you really don’t have any choice. Either buy car insurance or get rid of your car, the choice is clear.

Easy Way to Save Money on Car Insurance

You can make £1000 for car insurance in the West Midlands a bit more cheap by visiting a car insurance comparison website. That is what smart people do. Who doesn’t enjoy saving money? I know I do, and you should too.

Regular readers of this blog will be well educated about the cheapest and most expensive areas for car insurance. It was only a few months ago I gave you all the latest numbers. Well, it looks like the West Midlands and Birmingham are going further up the list.

It doesn’t surprise me at all, especially when you consider that crash for scams are most prevalent in…yes you guessed it…Birmingham.

How many of these scammers are pushing the price of car insurance over the £1000 barrier for innocent motorists in the West Midlands? A lot of them, no doubt.

“My Car Used to be There…”

Also, let’s not forget that Birmingham is one of the most likely places in the UK to have your car stolen. Even if you park it on your drive you might go out in the morning to find it vanished. Car insurance companies take all of this into account when coming up with a quote.

So are things going to get any better for the West Midlands? No they are not, and it wouldn’t shock me at all to witness those car insurance rates getting even more expensive in this region over the next 12 months.

Remember, the prediction is that car insurance around the UK will be £1000 in 2018, if this does happen then the West Midlands might even start to get close to £1500. Not exactly ideal.

Thousands Agree, Cheap Car Insurance The Place to Be

As mentioned earlier in this post, visit a comparison website as soon as possible and at least get a bit of pleasure from car insurance quotes. It might not be as cheap as you had hoped, but it’s better than paying full price. Wouldn’t you agree? Thousands of Cheap Car Insurance users do. Join them.

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