Footballer Saves £2000 on Car Insurance by Lying

You would think professional football players have enough money in the bank to insure their expensive cars. Apparently not.

Actually, it seems that many Premiership stars regulary visit sites like Cheap Car Insurance in a bid to save money on their next policy. They get quotes from over 100 companies, and then choose the best deal for their wallet.

Tell The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

However, while comparing car insurance on a comparison website is definitely a recommended way to save money, lying about your details most definitely is NOT a good idea.

That didn’t stop one West Ham football player from outright lying about his circumstances in order to get cheap car insurance. He was trying to insure his £30,000 Range Rover you see, and thought it would be clever to bend the truth when filling in his online application.

The online form you fill in here at Cheap Car Insurance only takes you around 3 minutes, although may I just remind everybody, Premiership footballer or not, that you must always tell the truth.

It didn’t stop Nathan Mabi-Mavila though, the 20 year old former West Ham player who falesly claimed on his application form that he was 40 years of age and not 20.

Cheap Car Insurance Blog…Read By Millions

Perhaps Nathan had been reading this very blog, where I have reported about many times how young drivers pay more for car insurance? He may very well have been concerned about getting an expensive car insurance bill, but that doesn’t excuse his outright lie.

If that wasn’t enough, he then went on to tell another lie during his car insurance application process, where he falsly claimed that his place of residence was Kent and not London…where he really lived.

Cheap Place To Insure a Car? NOT London, Try Kent

Again, he probably read the blog post on this site where I expose the cheapest and most expensive places to insure a car in the UK. No doubt he thought he was being smart by trying to change his address, but what he didn’t realise is that car insurance companies are not stupid, and eventually they would catch up with his lies.

The footballer got away with it at first, but then after being pulled over by the cops the bold faced lies were discovered when they called in a vehicle insurance check. This led to Nathan being taken away in handcuffs which concluded with a day in court, where the ex West Ham admitted to one count of fraud and one count of using a motor vehicle without car insurance.

It just goes to show you that no matter who your are…footballer, actor, business owner, astronaut…you MUST insure your vehcile to be in compliance with UK law. If you don’t, then you are very much NOT in compliance, and once found, you could find yourself in court and even prison.

Cheap Cars to Insure For Young Drivers

The one thing I don’t understand is why this footballer purchased a £30,000 car and then decided to try and lie to save money on car insurance? It would have been a better idea to buy a more inexpensive car, one that is better suited to first time and younger drivers.


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