Young Drivers – 6 Simple Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance

Car insurance prices for younger drivers in the UK is becoming ridiculous. How can someone under the age of 21 afford £8000? They can’t.

Unfortunately, the car insurance landscape doesn’t look great for teenagers and those in their early twenties, because if reports are to be believed then it’s only going to get more expensive.

Take recent research as an example, where the information supplied gave us a look of what young drivers are up against in 2017.

£1,771 is the number uncovered by the research…the number which an average young person in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland is quoted for insuring their car. It’s pure madness, but what can you do? Below are 6 simple ways to fight back.

Shop around

The most simple way to get cheap car insurance is to shop around to find the best deals. While not every insurer is enthusiastic about offering quotes to young drivers, some will, but you can only find them by filling in this form.

Buy the right car

It goes without saying that a 17 year old trying to insure a Ferrari is going to get hit in the pocket. That is why I advise everyone to choose the right car for first time or younger drivers. Not only will one of these vehicles cost less to run, but you will also be rewarded with cheaper quotes.

Go with a higher excess

When you apply for car insurance you have to choose an excess. This is the amount you pay before the insurance company gets out their wallet. So for example, you could go for an excess of £700 instead of £100. In my opinion it gives you extra incentive to be a safer driver, knowing that your bank account takes a hit if there is an incident.

Third party car insurance

By law, you must have third party car insurance, but everything else is optional. Does that mean that going down this route is always cheaper for younger drivers? In most cases yes, but not always. Shop around to get a better idea of what you should go with.

Ask Mum or Dad

A tried and tested way to get cheap car insurance for young drivers is to be added onto Mum or Dad’s insurance policy. This does work, as long as you are truthful about what is going on. Don’t try and get even cheaper quotes by “fronting” because if caught, you could very well find yourself in trouble with the Police, and your parents might even have to spend a night in the local nick.

Safety first

It’s unfortunate that Britain has become a crime hotspot for car theft, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay for it. Younger drivers can get cheap quotes by securing their car and making it safer. Go with an alarm to deter thieves, and park it off the street, in a garage if you can.

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