£170 More For Car Insurance…Men Only

I’ve reported before of course on how men, on average, pay more than women for car insurance. Recent reports suggest nothing has changed.

That’s right. The word on the street is that men are paying £170 more per year to insure their cars, despite the fact that gender laws were introduced into the car insurance industry back in 2012 to make everything fair and square.

“Fender Gender”

Is this so called “gender profiling” though or is it simply a case of men having different driving habits than women? While I’m no expert on the exact reasons why, what I can suggest is that everybody, both men and women, might want to make sure they don’t make these simple car insurance errors. Avoid them for cheaper quotes.

Not only that, but if you are a man and you believe that the car industry is against you, then it might be a good idea to check out pay per mile car insurance. It could make your policy cheaper if you don’t drive that many miles per year.

What I do know is that the subject of gender within the car industry is relative, so to speak, and that women in certain parts of the country pay more than men in others. For example, a woman in London pays more than a man in Fife…no doubt.

Self Driving Cars…No Men or Women Required

Also, let’s not forget that the issue of gender might very well soon be a thing of the past. Enter the self driving car…gender neutral and willing to drive you wherever you want to go.

Maybe men are always destined to pay more for car insurance though, especially if they do stupid things like eating cereal at the wheel. Cops have been pulling over men all around the country for spooning their morning cornflakes…that’s what I’ve been hearing anyway.

To Buy Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question

Could it also be that women are more likely to buy a bag for life from supermarkets such as Sainsburys? On the other hand, men buy a carrier bag every time they do a shop, and in the process lock themselves into more expensive car insurance rates.

Some women are not finding the car insurance industry very generous to their pocket anyway, as it recently came to light that one particular woman was getting outrageous quotes, to the point where she decided it would be cheaper to rent instead.

That’s nothing compared to the young woman who got quoted a massive £8000 for car insurance. In this story she decided to go with telematics to get a fairer price. Good idea if you ask me.

Cheap Car Insurance For Men and Women

The truth of the matter is that a whopping 1.5 Billion pounds is wasted on auto renewing every single year. That is why I encourage men to shop around, women to shop around…and everybody to shop around.

Right now, the average car insurance price for a man might be £821 compared to £649 for a woman, but with the power of a comparison website the entire nation can get cheap quotes. My advice is to give it a try.

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