Cheap Car Insurance? Don’t Ask David Coulthard

Ex Formula 1 Star David Coulthard is known for speeding around race tracks, so is he the right spokesperson for cheap car insurance? Probably not.

That didn’t stop a well known car insurance company making him the main star of a recent television advert, where the premise of the ad was Mr Coulthard as a rogue taxi driver who took passengers on a reckless drive around town.

Wear a Beard, Instant Disguise

The passengers don’t realise it’s David Coulthard you see, as he is disguised in a beard. The unwitting people are then left wondering “just what is going on here” as he screeches through the streets while demonstrating a range of bad driving habits.

At the end of the journey the taxi driver then demands payment for the journey which left the passengers bewildered…and then he rips off the beard and reveals it is himself, David Coulthard, and everybody thinks it’s hilarious.

Fat Cats Write Another Cheque

No doubt it seemed like a funny idea in the boardroom, where car insurance directors sat around in the meeting room and decided where to blow their next few million quid on advertising. I reported before on how many of these companies like to waste money on silly adverts.

According to industry insiders the message of the advert is that “no-one should have to pay for other people’s bad driving.” In other words, bad drivers make car insurance more expensive. Tell us something we don’t know.

Unfortunately, not everybody saw the funny side of this particular advert starring David Coulthard, because as soon as it was aired a total of 58 people immediately picked up the phone and complained to the Advertising Standards Authority, also known as ASA.

This led to ASA looking more closely at the TV advert, and after some thought they decided to ban it from our television screens.

ASA Have Their Say…

According to a spokesperson for ASA the reason for slamming down the ban hammer was because – “these scenes were fast paced with quick accelerations, braking and skidding accompanied with sound effects, and along with the passengers reactions whilst inside the car, we considered contributed to the depiction of the car travelling at an excessive speed.”

To put it in plain English, they didn’t like the advert, and that is why David Coulthard and cheap car insurance are no longer to be mentioned in the same sentence, which is a shame really as he has always seemed like a nice chap and I’m sure under the right circumstances he would be a good person to front a car insurance ad.

Download a Car Insurance App

The banned television advert was designed to promote a car insurance App that you can download from the Apple or Google stores, with the claim of a potential £170 of savings to be found on your next quote.

Do you know what though? While this might true, in my opinion you are better off sticking with the tried and tested way to get cheap car insurance…a comparison website that doesn’t need to spend millions on TV adverts.

Cheap Car Insurance For The UK Public

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