Let Them Loose – Learner Drivers Hit UK Motorways

The motorways of England, Scotland, NI and Wales have always been moderately safe, most of you would agree. Is that about to change though? Possibly.

I’ve just received official documentation on my desk from the DFT (Department for Transport) with details of new changes coming into force regarding motorways up and down the UK.

It’s Time to Let Them Loose

The memo is clear: Learner drivers are to be “let loose” on motorways starting in 2018, as long as they are with an approved driving instructor and it’s part of a lesson.

Not only that, but the car must also feature dual controls so the instructor can suddenly, and without warning, grab back control of the car. Probably best this is installed if you ask me.

This news is no doubt about to bring forward a debate about whether or not learner drivers should be allowed on the motorway.

Learner Drivers: Pros and Cons

Some will say yes, with the argument that they have to learn sometime, and if they do it right at the beginning then it might even lead to safer driving on the motorway once they become fully qualified drivers.

However, the opposition to learning to drive on the motorway will no doubt counter this argument by saying that motorways are dangerous enough, with cars and other vehicles whizzing about at 70mph. Is it really a good idea to have people who don’t have a full drivers license in this type of situation? In their opinion, no.

My opinion? I can see both sides of the argument here, but if you have to push me either way I would have to agree with the new motorway laws.

Pass Plus for Motorway Driving

The reason? Because I think that many young drivers who pass their test are not equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle motorway driving. Yes, there is Pass Plus currently on offer, which is a 6 hour motorway driving course…but, this is only optional, and the vast majority of new drivers don’t take it.

If learner drivers are FORCED to drive on the motorway and have the opportunity to obey the correct manner of driving at 70mph, then, if you ask me the motorway should eventually become a safer place.

Car Insurance to Become More Expensive…Again

Of course, the one thing all regular readers of this blog will want to know is…will car insurance become more expensive now that learner drivers are being let loose on motorways? It could happen, as car insurance companies only need the slightest excuse to make policies more expensive. We know that.

I don’t think it will make much of a difference in car insurance rates though, and if it does, it won’t be for the average man or woman on the street.

Car Insurance for Driving Instructors and Learner Drivers

Instead, car insurance for driving instructors and learner driver car insurance is most likely to become more expensive. So make sure you use a comparison website if you want to to buy one of these products.

Also, I would just like to take this opportunity to make sure all learner drivers check their driving instructor is fully insured for the road. We heard recently how some instructors like to try it on to save a few quid.

“Where is Your Car Insurance Certificate?” – Thanks!

If you are going to be driving on the motorway then it’s even more important your instructor is insured, so make sure you ask them to produce a valid car insurance certificate.

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