“Beat The Sneak” and Save £250 on Car Insurance

Can you remember when car insurance companies were honest and straight forward? Many of you will, but those days are long behind us now, maybe.

According to a car insurance comparison website that regularly appear on TV, with adverts featuring a singing guy and who many in the public would describe as less than “fantastic,”

I Have to Renew My Car Insurance…Yesterday

Well, they did some research, and the conclusion was this…the vast majority of drivers leave it way too late to renew their car insurance, to the point where they pay way more than they should.

The insurance companies know this as well, and is why, in some pundits opinions act in a “sneaky way” to bump up those renewal prices right before they take an automatic payment from your bank account.

You Need a Time Machine for Loyalty

Who knows exactly if this is what happens, but what I do know is that in the good old days of car insurance you were rewarded for you loyal custom with cheaper rates, not more expensive.

This has led many commentators to advise drivers on how they can “beat the sneak,” so to speak, and save, on average, £250 a year.

Even by acting only 7 days before your car insurance is about to renew, well, the company with the singing TV guy says that 9 out of 10 times it will result in a cheaper quote.

Go and Compare Right Now for Cheap Quotes

How do you do this? Go compare is what I always tell people, on a comparison website where it’s easy to get many different quotes from all of the major car insurance companies.

What I also tell people is that many of the popular comparison sites should be avoided, mainly because they are full of gimmicks and not concerned with really getting you the cheapest quotes possible.

No Television, But There Is Still Radio…Even Worse!

Instead, they blow most of their budget on silly advertising campaigns that make you wonder what the world would have been like if the television had never been invented.

What if these comparison sites didn’t spend enormous sums of cash on TV adverts, what would happen then? I will tell you what would happen…they would be able to offer quotes so cheap, and so fantastic, that the UK public would be jumping at the chance to compare insurance quotes, months before their renewal date.

Very Cheap Car Insurance: It’s FANTASTIC!

If only a such a site did exist..you know, where millions of pounds was not wasted on advertising and the only goal was very cheap insurance for your car, in a simple and straight forward manner that anyone could understand.

If such a site did exist, then you could go compare over 100 car insurance companies and the quotes they are willing to offer you, and there would never be an attempt to sing at you or offer a cuddly toy in the post…ever.

3 Minutes and Over 100 Quotes. No Adverts.

Fortunately, that site does exist, and you are on it right now BTW, where a quick click will take you to this form, and then only 3 minutes of your time will lead you to over 100 cheap car insurance quotes.

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