90 Year Old Man Refused Car Insurance for Being Smart

If you read this blog on a regular basis then you will be well aware of how I advise the UK public to install dashcams on the front and rear windshield.

It’s just the smart thing to do, especially when you consider that we live in a crazy world these days where anything can happen on the roads. You need to record everything, to cover yourself.

Prove What Happened…OK

Not only that, but car insurance companies also recognise the importance of dashcams. It’s gives them a view of exactly what happened in an incident, which means there is no guesswork involved when they are paying out. They can see everything.

So we all agree that installing a dashcam is the smart thing to do. That is why a 90 year old ex driving instructor decided that buying dashcams was right at the top of his list of priorities…perhaps he even heard about it right here on this website? Who knows for sure.

What I do know is George Williams was definitely doing the smart thing when he installed those dashcams, and he should have been rewarded, not punished.

Refused a Car Insurance Quote? You Are Not Alone

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out like that, because when he went to get a a car insurance quote from Age UK, well, they didn’t reward him at all, and in fact, they turned him down completely and refused to even give the guy a quote.

The reason? According to Age UK car insurance it was because of “modifications” to the car. In other words, the dashcams.

Yes you read that right. Because George had installed dashcams in his vehicle it was being held against him, to the point where he couldn’t even get a car insurance quote with his preferred company.

The 90 Year Old Boy Racer

It’s almost like they were treating him as some kind of boy racer with the “modifications” tag, almost as if he was trying to insure some souped-up sports car so he could go street racing with his mates.

Of course, the truth is far from that, and George is a safe and respected driver in his community who has many years of good driving skills under his belt, as well as teaching other people how to drive and be competent road users.

All he did was install some dashcams for his own safety and those around him. He should have been handed a cheap car insurance quote on a silver platter, but instead, Age UK car insurance gave him the brush off.

Happiness, Comes to Those Who…

After looking more closely into this story I’m pleased to inform everybody that it does have a happy ending.

What appears to have happened is that Age UK gave George the silent treatment because there was an error in their system. Obviously they confused him as a boy racer, rather than a smart driver armed with dashcams.

So it looks like Age UK have left the door open for George to get a car insurance quote but he doesn’t want any of it now. He has moved on you see…moved on to other car insurance companies who would be more than pleased to give him a quote.

…Use a Comparison Website

My advice to George? Use a comparison website where you can get quotes from over 100 companies all with the click of a button. It’s the perfect happy ending.

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