It’s Really Happening…You MUST Insure Your Lawnmower

Last year I reported on a story about how a proposed new EU law would mean all “off road” vehicles would need insuring. Well, it’s really happening.

I personally didn’t believe that we would witness the UK bowing down and listening to EU chiefs and their ridiculous new insurance laws. It appears they have no choice though and it is the UK public who are going to be left saying…”just what is going on here?”

The Public Are Outraged

I’ve already started to receive messages from around the country, from the ordinary man and woman on the street, who just can’t comprehend how insurance for golf carts, ride on lawnmowers and dodgems is going to become a reality.

“Just sit back and enjoy the ride, so to speak,” is my response to everyone out there, although I’m sure there isn’t going to be much enjoyment.

These kind of ridiculous laws from Brussels has led to the car insurance industry making a stand, where they have contacted the European Commission and described the new laws as “unfair” and “unnecessary” Tell us something we don’t know.

Slovenia…The Land of Uninsured Tractors

If you are wondering why such barmy laws are about to come into effect then it all goes back to 2014, where in a rainy and cold Slovenian village a worker called Damijan Vnuk was knocked off a ladder by a tractor.

Mr Vnuk felt he was wronged by the tractor, and this led him to go all the way to the European Court of Justice where they eventually ruled in his favour and agreed he should be compensated.

This led European chiefs to come to the obvious conclusion of…”all vehicles should be insured, even private ones, and not just the private ones in Slovenia, all private ones, even the private ones in the UK” which means that we are now in a situation where the new law is about to come into effect.

Unfortunately, in an industry that is not exactly known for being cheap, the insurance industry that is…we can expect to see premiums get even more costly.

So, drivers around the UK get ready to throw your hands up in despair and shake them around like you really do care, because your car insurance is going to get more expensive and it’s all thanks to the EU.

Thanks For Your Laws, Now Have Them Back

Are Brits going to get the last laugh though? Perhaps so, because as you are no doubt aware Brexit is just around the corner and if everything goes to plan then in 2019 we can take all of the crazy EU laws and send them back across the channel.

For the next 2 years you are going to have to “grin and bear it” unfortunately, so make sure you start comparing lawnmower insurance straight away so you are not breaking any laws.

Who Is That Hiding Behind The Hedge? Oh…

How will this be enforced you might be wondering, will there be a lawnmower police patrolling the gardens of the UK, armed with ANPR scanners and bundling pensioners into the back of vans for not having a valid certificate.

I don’t think we are going to be seeing this level of enforcement, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a few people get their lawnmowers taken away. You just know it is going to happen.

The Peaceful Protest is to Compare

The only advice I can give to the UK public is this…follow the laws and be peaceful, and get the best quotes possible by visiting this site you are on right now, Cheap Car Insurance, AKA, the best comparison site in the UK.

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