I Am Pleased to Inform You of…NO Car Insurance!

It’s the words everybody wants to hear at the end of their driving test. It should have happened, but it didn’t.

“I am pleased to inform you of the fact you have passed your driving test,” is what one learner driver should have heard after she put in a flawless performance around the streets of Birmingham.

The “Almost” Perfect Driving Test

The examiner sat in the passenger seat, clipboard in hand, putting ticks in all the appropriate boxes. This girl was definitely on the fast track to a full drivers license and a bright driving career ahead.

She would have easily passed the driving test…if it wasn’t for the fact that some blue lights suddenly started flashing in the rear view mirror.

Of course, it was the Police, and regular readers of this blog will be all too aware about something called ANPR.

They had been scanned, and that all too familiar “beep, beep,” went off in the Police car. Driving test or not, the cops had no choice but to pull the car over.

Police Told Them…”No Car Insurance!”

Maybe there was some kind of mistake? Unfortunately not, and within a few minutes both the girl and examiner came to learn the shocking truth…the car had no insurance!

It was her instructors car, which Police also confirmed had no MOT as well.

The Solution? Cheap Car Insurance Of Course…

It’s shocking really that a driving instructor didn’t insure or MOT her car. I mean, it’s expensive enough to take driving lessons these days, surely this instructor could have taken 3 minutes to compare quotes right here at CHEAP CAR INSURANCE? The instructor couldn’t be bothered though, which is a shame really because it is so simple to do.

Back to the story and it appears that Police had no choice but to take away the uninsured car immediately, while another officer took the girl and examiner back to the test centre, mainly so they could question the instructor.

No doubt the driving instructor got a stern talking to, before admitting that she knew the car didn’t have any insurance or MOT certificate.

This led Police to do something that every driving instructor fears…her instructor badge was ripped off, before Police also reported her details through to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

Almost a Success, But Not Quite

It was at this point that the learner driver discovered that she had failed her test because the car had been taken away, although, she would have passed if the car had made it back to the test centre.

They were literally minutes away from the test centre when Police stopped the car. So close, yet so far.

Something tells me this girl will be passing her test very soon though…as long as she gets a new driving instructor of course.

Car Insurance For Driving Instructors

The story does highlight the fact that all learner drivers should check that any driving instructor they hire is fully insured and their car is ready for the road.

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