£126 an Month for Learner Driver Car Insurance

Taking driving lessons is pricey enough, but what if a learner driver wants some extra practice? According to a new report, it could cost £126 an month.

One of the leading names in the car industry compiled this report, and during the research they found leaner drivers typically spend, on average, an extra 20 hours of additional practice away from normal driving lessons.

Mum and Dad to The Rescue

Of course, they can’t just take to the road without the proper insurance, and this is where Mum and Dad normally come in by adding them to their policy.

Learner driver car insurance isn’t cheap though, with the report mentioning that a 17 year old who lives in North-East London could easily have to pay £126 a month, despite the fact that one of their parents would be in the car with them.

We all know how young drivers who have just passed their test often get quotes that go into thousands, but you wouldn’t expect learner driver insurance to break the £1000 a year barrier. Well, it has and will continue to do so.

Wannabe drivers and their parents are definitely luckier than just 10 years ago says the report, where learner driver car insurance was nowhere near as popular, and it was often difficult to get insured.

Cheap Car Insurance for Learner Drivers? Er…No

These days, there are many different car insurance companies who are prepared to let you add a learner driver to your existing policy, but as we’ve just been talking about…it doesn’t come cheap.

Perhaps pay as you go car insurance could be the solution for learner drivers? It very well might be, especially when you consider that a new company called miDrive have just launched a product in this area.

£12.70 an Hour for Pay As You Go

What they do is offer a pay as you go insurance policy that gives learner drivers the chance to hit the roads for only £12.70 an hour, with a minimum month coming in at £90.95.

So going down the pay as you go route could work out a bit cheaper, but the main flaw is that pay as you go companies are not on comparison websites.

This means you can’t compare learner driver car insurance, which in my opinion is something you must to do in order to get the cheapest prices and best deals.

You only need to put some basic details in a 3 minute form, and then you start getting quotes from all of the leading car insurance providers who are willing to insure a learner driver.

Flexibility Is Important For Learner Drivers

Best of all, they offer policies that are flexible, with the choice of 30, 60, or 90 days of cover, as well as the ability to renew for 7 or 14 days. You can also find policies up to 6 months, while if you only want a quick drive then 2 hours worth of cover is available

Parents all around the country want to help their sons and daughters pass the driving test and get on the road, and learner driver insurance is the perfect way to achieve that.

Just make sure once they do pass their test you don’t engage in the illegal act of fronting. Keep it all above board.

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