Self Driving Cars Ignore Road Signs, Carnage Expected

The race is well and truly underway to get a self driving car on the road, but will they actually obey the laws of the road? Apparently not.

Researchers have been hard at work trying to understand self driving cars and their faults right now, as well as trying to predict exactly what is going to happen.

The Problem of Graffiti on Traffic Road Signs

One thing they found is that simple graffiti on road signs around the UK could cause a self driving car to get confused, which would ultimately lead to carnage.

Imagine a small amount of graffiti on a stop sign at a busy junction. This could easily lead to the self driving car to read the sign wrong and then ignore it completely

Not good when you consider that most drivers will be sitting back and reading the newspaper only to then find their car has gone directly into oncoming traffic. It will be terrifying.

Google Self Driving Cars AKA “Get Out of The Way!”

This reminds me of the time when a Google self driving car got it completly wrong and crashed directly into a bus that was only travelling at 2mph.

At the time Google tried to flee the scene without leaving their details, no doubt they wanted to keep their no claims bonuses and stay on the good side of their car insurance company.

Self Driving Car Insurance

As I’ve reported on before, car insurance is going to be very much required for self driving cars, especially if we find ourselves in a situation where these intelligent vehicles are misreading road signs and heading straight towards destruction.

Car insurance companies are going to be inundated with irate members of the public…”It’s those pesky self driving cars again,” the car insurance directors will be saying in the meeting rooms.

Not only that, but it might even lead to car insurance becoming more expensive until the manufacturers get the technology right.

Who knows when that will happen, but until that time it seems that the British public are going to have to put up with yet more high prices for their car insurance.

Smart Car Insurance Tips That Save You Money

The only real tip I can offer when faced with an outrageous car insurance bill (and this will apply for years to come, even when self driving cars rule the roads) is to visit a comparison website and get many quotes.

This way, it gives you back some control, as you now have the ability to find the cheapest quotes and beat those expensive, and let’s be frank here, ridiculous prices that are being thrown around by some of the insurers.

The Right Place? Right Here Of Course

You will be pleased to hear that you are in the right place for cheap car insurance on this very website, and in a few years, the right place for cheap self driving car insurance. Something tells me you are going to need it.

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