Car Insurance Loyalty? You Must be Joking…

The boss of a well known car insurance company has gone on record to say that the industry is “dysfunctional.” Tell us something we don’t know.

What appears to be happening across the board is that companies are attracting new customers onto their books with low prices, while loyal and existing customers are picking up the slack by getting charged more year after year.

The UK Public Demand Answers

I get asked a lot of questions about car insurance loyalty and whether or not people should stick with one company to be rewarded and my answer is always the same…you must be joking!

That should be the way things work of course, being rewarded with lower premiums year after year for being loyal, but as millions of motorists around the UK are finding out, this is not the way it works anymore.

It Was Different in the Good Old Days

Sure, years ago, loyalty saved you money and that is why drivers stuck with one car insurance company for the duration of their driving career. Unfortunately most insurers don’t seem to understand this basic concept anymore and is why they are doing things backwards if you ask me.

Instead of tempting new customers in with low car insurance quotes with a bait and switch, they should focus all their attention on rewarding their existing customers. I’m certain they would make more profits that way, but I doubt anyone is listening.

Do you know what though? If car insurance companies don’t care about your loyalty then there is no reason why you should stick around, and that is why a comparison website is the perfect place to be.

Cheap Car Insurance…The Way it Should be

Right here, you can play all those companies off against each other, and instead of having to put up with more expensive premiums year after year (the average policy is predicted to be above £1000 in 2018) you can be smart and save yourself a packet.

All it takes is a few details about yourself and the vehicle you want to insure, then click a button and you are good to go.

Teach Fat Cats a Lesson

This is the best way to stick your middle finger up at those fat cat car insurance directors who literally only care about taking you for a ride. For once you get the last laugh, by finding a cheaper quote elsewhere and then switching companies without even so much as a thank you note.

Bizarrely, you might even find a cheaper quote from the company you are already with right here on this website. That is the way it works sometimes and is why more people than ever before are comparing instead of renewing.

Even the government are on to the car insurance companies and their tricks, as they have now made it mandatory for every insurer to tell customers about the benefits of shopping around at renewal time.

Don’t Leave it Until The Last Minute, Shop Around Now

You don’t even have to wait until renewal time to get quotes from a comparison website. My advice is to start shopping around 3 months before, so you have the best possible chance of finding a cheap quote that saves you money.

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