Use Technology and Save on Car Insurance, Suggests Report

Who doesn’t want to save money on car insurance, it should be the goal of every UK motorist, but not many achieve it…apart from the clever ones.

It’s those clever drivers who are using technology to help keep their car insurance costs in check according to a new report, and although not everybody is embracing this new technology at the moment, more people than ever before are willing to give it a try.

Technology is Confusing…isn’t it

I understand completely why many drivers are wary about using or installing gadgets. It really can seem very complicated and confusing, especially when you are not really a “tech” person.

However, if you can save a fortune on your next car insurance quote then surely it is worth a try? I think it is.

So what is some of this technology that motorists are using to save money on car insurance? Let’s take a look.


A really handy gadget that is becoming more popular is the dashcam, which records footage from your windscreen.

This can easily prove exactly what happened in the event of an accident, especially when you install one on the front and one on the back. You can also keep those pesky crash for cash scammers at bay.

Not only that, but dashcams are pretty cheap, especially when they are on sale, and according to the new report car insurance companies will give you a 10% discount when one is installed.


I’ve spoken before about telematics and how it is useful for saving money on car insurance of course, but it appears that not everybody is listening.

The report suggests that although younger drivers are getting on board with telematics technology, many older drivers are still giving it a miss, despite the fact it could make a car insurance policy around £250 cheaper.

Even better, telematics technology comes with a GPS tracker, so if those thieves decide to take your car for a joy ride you can soon hunt them down.

Car Insurance Apps

There are a range of car insurance apps that are now available to download to your smartphone, and if used in the right way they will save you money.

For example, one car insurance company now offer an app that records your driving style and then gives you a rating between 0 and 10. If you get a rating of 7.1 or higher, then you can save an average of £170.

Parking Sensors

The new report also went on to mention that installing parking sensors on your car can save you money, mainly because there is less chance of damaging your car when parking up. Typical sensor kits cost just over £100 and are simple to install.

I just wish that one driver in Scotland had installed parking sensors before entering the train station car park. A lot of destruction could have been avoided that day.

Comparison Website

Quite possibly the most important piece of technology for any driver is a comparison website. This is where the most savings are to be found.

It should be simple to enter your details, and then the comparison website will use their top secret technology to send off your details to over 100 insurers, giving you cheap quotes at the click of a button.

Even the government understand the importance of this technology, as all car insurance companies are now required by law to tell you about using a comparison website.

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