Do I Really Need Car Insurance? The Definite Answer

I’m getting a lot of questions recently from people asking me the same thing…”do I really need car insurance?” Many don’t want to pay it seems.

I can’t really blame people though, because car insurance premiums have gone through the roof in recent years. This has led many motorists struggling to find the money to run their vehicles. Many are now going on the bus or even cycling.

Stopped by Police Without Car Insurance

So do you really need car insurance? The short answer is…YES, and that is because it’s legally required. In other words, if you are stopped by the Police and you don’t have insurance, then expect to find yourself in trouble.

This includes everybody…even the Scottish Transport Minister. It doesn’t matter if you are the Prime Minister, a Formula 1 driver, or a Vlogger. You must have valid car insurance to drive on UK roads.

Many people don’t want to listen to me however, especially young drivers, who in the face of more expensive car insurance than ever before are now willing to take a chance and not buy car insurance.

I can understand why they are tempted, especially when you hear about some of the outrageous car insurance quotes that companies are giving out, but at the end of the day if it is the law then you have to obey.

The Fight Against Uninsured Drivers

For those people that don’t want to, of course, it is your choice, but understand that Police are now equipped with pretty high tech equipment to catch out the car insurance dodgers.

Take ANPR for example, also known as automatic number plate recognition. Most Police cars now have this technology installed, and it automatically scans cars while out on the roads.

If you drive on a regular basis without car insurance then it’s only a matter of time before ANPR scans your car.

Pay Per Mile Car Insurance

What if you don’t drive that much? Rather than take the risk of not buying car insurance, you might want to take a closer look at pay per mile and pay as you go car insurance. It could save you money.

In my opinion though, the best and easiest way to save money on car insurance is to use a comparison website, like this one as an example, where you can get quotes from over 100 companies.

It really is that simple, and if you can save a few hundred quid then you can forget about driving without insurance, and instead, get the peace of mind of being legal and ready for UK roads.

Right now, as we speak, it is estimated that 1 in 38 vehicles driving around are uninsured Not only that, but Police take away around 25000 uninsured vehicles a week. I know for a fact they do a lot of this in Scotland.

CHEAP CAR INSURANCE, The Best Comparison Website

You are better off just getting a quote and going down the legal route, and it all starts with a comparison website.

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