The Dog Did It? No Car Insurance Payout For One Driver

Millions of people are driving around today unaware they are not really insured if something goes wrong…and it’s all because of their dog.

Motorists simply don’t know that having your dog in the car at the time of an accident could mean the car insurance company use it as an excuse to not payout. We all know these companies will use any excuse, but “the dog did it?” That is a new one for me.

The Story of One Driver

Take a driver from Bristol as an example, who set off on a journey to Dorset for a week with his wife and dog in the car. Everything was going great until they got into an accident with another driver who swerved into them.

Fortunately, everyone was okay, including the dog, but unfortunately the car was a write off which led the motorist to file an insurance claim with his insurance company. He was expecting the matter to be sorted out quickly, especially as it wasn’t his fault, but that didn’t happen.

Firstly, the other driver contested the matter, making the claim that he was an innocent victim and it was them who caused the crash.

Dashcam’s on Sale…Buy Two

This is one of those incidents where a dashcam would come in real handy, so the car insurance company can see exactly what happened. Many insurers will now give you a cheaper quote if you have one installed, although in my opinion you should get two, one in the front and one in the back.

Anyway, because the other driver contested the claim it led the insurance company to look at the matter more closely and this is where the story gets a lot more strange.

After asking the driver who else was in the car, they then wanted to know if the dog was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. The dog wasn’t, and because of this the car insurance company said they would not pay out.

They Blamed The Dog

Why? Because in their opinion, there is no way to prove that the dog didn’t jump on the driver and cause him to swerve, and because the other motorist was now contesting the claim they had no choice but to refuse a payout.

This sends a clear message to all UK drivers…make sure your dog wears a seatbelt, otherwise you might find yourself having to pay for any damage out of your own pocket.

The FOS Are There for Matters Like This

It might not come to that however, because in this particular matter the driver could take it to the Financial Ombudsman Service where an official will make a decision

Hopefully the truth comes out and the right decision is made, but at least dog owners are now aware about this situation.

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