Many Young Drivers Admit – “No Car Insurance For Me”

In a survey that is sure to send shockwaves through the car insurance industry, many young drivers have admitted they don’t have car insurance.

The survey went on to find that millions of drivers under the age of 25 have considered not taking out car insurance, while thousands actually go through and do it.

Outrageous Prices for Young Drivers

Some commentators have said that young drivers can hardly be blamed for this mindset when you consider the average car insurance premium for under 25’s is now around £1500.

The typical punishment when caught driving without insurance is a £600 fine and 6 points on the driving license, so you can see why young people start to weigh up their options.

Of course, that isn’t always the punishment, and can I just take this opportunity to remind everyone that driving without insurance is an offence and you could very well find yourself in prison.

The Police are getting tougher on uninsured drivers and they now have the technology to catch you in the act.

Is £1500 Too Much? Probably

I reckon this does bring up an important question though…is car insurance too expensive for younger drivers? We’ve already heard about how Parliament have debated this very issue, although I don’t think anything is going to be done soon. Even young football stars can’t always afford to take out car insurance, so something needs to happen, surely.

Young drivers are finding creative ways to get around paying top price for their car insurance….remember when I reported on how over half of young drivers would front? Well, I’m sure there is many out there who are fronting, and many more who have no insurance at all.

If you are under the age of 25 and don’t really want to pay £1500 or even more for a policy, then you might be pleased to hear that you don’t have to break the law in order to pay less, and you don’t have to use Facebook to get a quote either.

The Best Way to Get Cheap Car Insurance

My advice? Use a comparison website like the one you are on right now to begin your search for cheap car insurance. We’ve already heard about how a student shopped around to save around £600, perhaps you could do the same? I’m sure you could.

Not only that, but car insurance companies are getting more in touch with professions and jobs that appeal to young people, which means you might be able to get a more accurate and cheaper quote.

Also, let’s not forget that right now is the best time to shop around for car insurance, so if you act fast you could save a few hundred quid.

A Ford Fiesta Maybe? Best Cars to Buy…

The one thing I’m always telling younger drivers though….get the most suitable car for first time drivers, because if you get that right then expect your car insurance quote to be not quite as expensive as you thought.

So don’t take the chance of driving without insurance. Instead, simply shop around for car insurance and don’t pay quite as much.

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