Samsung Declare “Self Driving” War on Apple and Google

If you thought the race to get a self driving car on the road couldn’t get anymore competitive, well, it just did as Samsung are now in the hunt.

The well known electronic firm have decided to get serious about autonomous cars, where they have applied (and been granted) a license to test out their cars on public roads.

Apple and Samsung Go Against Each Other

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that Apple have recently hit the roads and started testing self driving vehicles. It seems that Samsung didn’t want to get left behind and decided to follow suit.

How can a mobile phone manufacturer easily transition to coming up with a decent car you might be wondering? What I’ve been hearing is that Samsung are partnering up with Hyundai, and will be using some top secret technology in their vehicles.

Amazon and Ford Join Forces

This is similar to when I reported how Amazon and Ford did a deal and decided to start to working together. The self driving car market is obviously difficult to navigate alone, which is why we are seeing many of these big companies joining forces.

Samsung is currently the world’s biggest manufacturer of smartphones, so it will be interesting to see what they and Hyundai are able to come up with. Let’s just hope they don’t crash into any buses and then try to escape from the scene without leaving car insurance details.

Car Insurance for Self Driving Cars

I don’t think this is going to happen though, mainly because it has been reported that initial testing of Samsung self driving cars will be fitted with advanced sensors and machine learning systems. However, I think they should compare car insurance…just in case a bus does get in the way.

A spokesperson for Samsung said, “Samsung Electronics plans to develop algorithms, sensors and computer modules that will make a self-driving car that is reliable even in the worst weather conditions.”

Perfect for UK weather then…I reckon the UK public might just like Samsung self driving cars should they ever go on sale, although a recent survey did suggest that most Brits would prefer a Ford.

The one thing I do know for sure is that anyone in the UK that is looking for cheap self driving car insurance in the future, will be able to find it right here.

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