£1400 in 10 Years if You Don’t Shop Around Says Research

Can you afford an extra £1400 over the next 10 years? According to new research, if you don’t shop around for car insurance that is what you will spend.

It’s what I’ve been saying for years though…always compare car insurance quotes and never be loyal to just one insurer, because you will end up paying extra.

Start Shopping Around…Now!

Even car insurers themselves have to tell you that shopping around is in your best interests. If they are telling you to do it, then if you ask me you should make it your number 1 priority.

Fortunately, you are in the best place for shopping around for cheap car insurance. Just use the simple form and you start getting quotes almost immediately.

So what about this new research then? It was the agency “Consumer Intelligence” that decided to ask 9000 UK motorists about their car insurance, and after finding more about what everybody is paying, they came to the conclusion that you will probably spend an extra £1400 for car insurance by not shopping around.

£62 and £115, The Price of Being Loyal

The research found that, on average, a customer loses £62 in their first year of not shopping around, and they stand to lose even more in their second year, with an average of £115 being the amount that is spent on being loyal rather than switching to a cheaper company.

Why are people so reluctant to change car insurance companies anyway? In my opinion, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that years ago loyalty was actually rewarded, and if you stuck with a company year after year they would give you cheaper rates.

Those days are long gone now, but it appears that many motorists still haven’t got the message, and that is why they continue to pay more to insure their car.

Too Busy? Most People Are…

Also, let’s not forget that people simply have more tasks to do now than ever before, and sometimes the task of “shop around for cheaper car insurance” goes further and further down the list.

However, you really can save yourself a packet by comparing quotes, and it all starts by filling in some details about yourself and your vehicle.

Ian Hughes, the Chief Executive of Consumer Intelligence agrees, as he recently said, “It is always the best policy to shop around at renewal and make sure you have the best cover at the best price. Those that do so are better off over time.”

I would also like to add that you don’t have to wait until renewal time to shop around, and in fact, research shows that people who do it around 2 months before their renewal date get the best deals.

Change Car Insurance Companies Right Now

You can easily cancel your current expensive car insurance for a small fee, and then start enjoying cheaper insurance with a new company.

So what are you waiting for? Start comparing today, and find out just how much cash you could be saving.

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