Save 20% on Your Car Insurance With This Handy Gadget

Car insurance becoming more expensive is something everybody has to deal with, but you can fight back, and it starts with this handy gadget.

Have you seen those car crash TV programmes and video clips on the internet, where all the footage is caught from the windscreen? Everything is recorded using a clever gadget called a dashcam, and they are now available to buy in stores around the UK.

Cheap Dashcams For a Limited Time

Halfords is just one of the popular stores that is currently selling dashcams, and sources are telling me they are having a sale right now where you can get one of the best selling models for a fraction of the normal price.

Installing a dashcam isn’t all just about having the latest technology in your car though. They can actually save you money, as well as giving you valuable evidence should something go wrong.

Take car insurance companies for example, who are now starting to recognise the importance of dashcams, to the point where many insurers will give you a lower quote simply because you have a dashcam installed.

Save Money on Car Insurance

Some experts are claiming you can save 20% with a dashcam, and when used in conjunction with a car insurance comparison website, like this one, then you could potentially save even more.

The reason why car insurance companies like dashcams is because if you need to make a claim, then it’s easy for them to check the video footage and see what really went on.

Don’t be a Crash for Cash Victim

Also, let’s not forget about crash for cash scams which are a real problem now in the UK. If you have a dashcam installed in your car then it’s much easier to show what really went on, and prove that you are the victim and didn’t cause the accident.

That is why many UK motorists are now installing dashcams in both the front and rear windscreen, so they are able to record everything that is going on around their vehicle.

Does this all sound a bit too technical for you? Don’t worry, because stores such as Halfords offer a dashcam fitting service for only £30, which means they set everything up so you are good to go.

The Best Car Insurance Comparison Service

The same is also possible when it comes to comparing car insurance quotes, because here at this site we have offer a “comparison service” that allows you to compare over 100 companies at the click of a button.

Best of all, our service is completely free, and you can get started right now with a few basic details about yourself and your vehicle.

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