New Survey Reveals The Truth About Car Insurance Claims

Car insurance is a legal obligation for every UK driver, but are the policies actually worth the paper they are printed on? A new survey reveals all…

It was during November 2016 when this survey was conducted, where a consumer watchdog looked closely at 1,335 car insurance claims.

The Best Car Insurance Companies

Their goal was simple…to discover which car insurance companies handle the claims well and to the customers satisfaction, and find out the companies where things could be improved.

Unfortunately there are times when a car insurance claim doesn’t go the way you expected, and although the vast majority of insurance companies want to do their best sometimes the customer experience leaves a lot to be desired.

That is why I am always telling people, when you compare quotes online then make sure you don’t automatically go for the cheapest quote, because at the end of the day you might get a good price, but if their customer service and claims procedure is poor then it probably won’t be worth it.

Are Claims Dealt With Quickly? Sometimes…

Back to the survey and one issue that was mentioned is the speed in which insurance companies dealt with claims.

Many people reported that it often took multiple calls and emails to get their claim sorted, with one driver even going on to mention that it took over a year to get payment after someone crashed into his stationary car.

I wonder if the driver who had a car park on top of his stationary car had to wait over a year to get things sorted? Hopefully not.

UK Drivers Are Very Satisfied

Sorting out claims is not always slow though, with many UK drivers reporting they were “very satisfied” and that payments were often received within “a week or two.”

Other factors that were looked at in the survey were communication, trust and value for money, with both the good and bad experiences noted about how customers were treated.

Speaking of value for money, if you ask me, you can’t go far wrong if you use a comparison website when looking for a new car insurance policy or to renew an existing one.

Compare Car Insurance Right Now

Take this website for example, Cheap Car Insurance, where you can almost instantly compare over 100 different companies at the click of a button after filling in a few basic details.

Like I mentioned earlier it isn’t always about choosing the absolute cheapest quote, because it might not always be the right choice.

Instead, try and look at everything on offer, and even do your own independent research about certain car insurance companies you are thinking of going with, to see how they handle issues such as speed, trust, communication and value for money.

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