Apple Get Self Driving Go Ahead…”iCar” on its Way

Just like I mentioned a few months ago, technology giant Apple are set to enter the self driving market which means the “iCar” could soon be here.

Regular readers of this blog will be only too aware of the companies who are currently working round the clock to bring a self driving car to the general public, with Ford, Tesla, Amazon, and Google leading the way.

Are Apple a bit too late to the party though? In my opinion…no.

California Welcomes the iCar

Sure, they might have only just picked up their permit from the State of California to legally test their self driving cars on the roads, but I would think they have been working on the technology for years and probably even have a private site somewhere dedicated to cars that drive themselves and the technology that makes it happen.

Now they can officially hit public roads, let’s just hope they don’t make the same mistake as Google, who tried to get away from the scene of a crash without leaving their car insurance details.

I’m sure that Apple will be fully insured, and they might even use a car insurance comparison website to get cheap quotes.

UK Consumers Excited About a Self Driving Apple Car

Now that Apple have officially entered the self driving car market, there are many people out there getting excited about what they potentially have in store. As we all know, Apple products are typically different from what other companies release, and they have a reputation of being right at the forefront of both technology and design.

The iPhone revolutionised the smartphone market…could the iCar do the same for the self driving car market? It might just do that if you ask me.

If they get it right then Apple really will become the biggest company in the world, as they have the potential to sell millions of cars, as well as their current product line of phones, tablets, and computers.

Many People Prefer a Ford

However, it won’t be easy, because if recent polls are to be trusted then consumers might not actually even want an iCar, preferring instead to stick with well known car manufacturers such as Ford when they buy their first self driving car.

Some have speculated that Apple might even be looking to do a joint venture with a company like Tesla in a bid to take on some of the more established car companies, or even eventually acquire them outright.

Let’s wait to see what happens with this one. Something tells me it is going to be an interesting ride, and I really don’t think it is going to be that long until we start seeing iCars driving around UK streets.

Compare Self Driving Car Insurance

All of those iCar owners will require self driving car insurance of course, something which you can compare right here.

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