Scottish Drivers Told How to get Very Cheap Car Insurance

Despite being the cheapest place in the UK to insure a car, drivers in Scotland have been getting advice on how to make their insurance even cheaper.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Glasgow, Fife, Inverness, Edinburgh, or anywhere else in the country, the message is clear…very cheap car insurance is more than possible, as long as you follow advice from the experts.

Cheap Car Insurance in Scotland? Maybe Not

Yes, Scotland does enjoy more than favourable quotes when compared to many other parts of the UK, but that won’t last long if drivers are not educated about how to keep their quotes on the cheap side.

For example, the amount of uninsured drivers on the roads is now getting ridiculous, and because of this, car insurance companies are making your quotes more expensive. Even the Scottish Transport Minister got caught without any insurance.

That’s right. People who can’t be bothered to get insured get away with it, while you are stuck with the bill.

Get Very Cheap Car Insurance in Scotland

Also, let’s not forget that if you get into a an incident with an uninsured driver then it’s possible they could be claiming compensation. It’s just plain madness, and goes to show why legitimate drivers in Scotland need to do everything in their power to get very cheap car insurance.

Want to find out how? Here are the best tips from experts:

Never auto renew your policy

Most car insurance companies hope that you will simply let your policy auto renew every 12 months, and not even notice that another £100 has been added to the bill.

This is why you should never let your policy auto renew. Instead, shop around for the best deal, and change companies if need be because this isn’t about loyalty…it’s about getting the cheapest car insurance for yourself.

Fortunately, by law car insurance companies are now required to tell you how much you paid last year and that shopping around is in your best interests. So make sure you take their advice, and visit a site like Cheap Car Insurance to get the cheapest quotes in Scotland.

Add a driver to your policy

It is against the law to add someone to your policy as the main driver, when in reality, they are not. This is called fronting, and is becoming a problem in Scotland…something which Scottish Police are starting to crack down on.

However, adding a secondary driver on your insurance policy, someone who has a clean driving record and no previous claims, well, this is totally within the law and is a great way to get very cheap car insurance.

Maybe your brother or sister would like to be a secondary driver on your policy, or how about an uncle or auntie? Be careful about adding your son or daughter though, because young drivers will usually make car insurance more expensive, although you could try something such as telematics to make it a bit more affordable.

Pay your policy upfront

Many drivers in Scotland decide to pay for their car insurance in monthly instalments, but this actually makes the total amount you pay a lot more expensive.

I’ve talked before about how car insurance companies put around 30% interest on to your monthly payments, which means it really is a good idea to pay upfront if possible.

Of course, this is only possible if you can afford it or find a 0% credit card offer to pay upfront with. If you can’t, then my advice would be to shop around to see which insurance companies offer the best interest rates on monthly repayments.


If you follow the above tips then you have a much better chance of getting very cheap car insurance in Scotland. Yes it is already quite cheap, but who can complain about saving even more money? Not many people.

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