Your Car Insurance Questions Answered…in 10 Words or Less

Every day my inbox is full of emails from the UK general public, who all want to find a definite answer to their car insurance related questions.

Now of course, here at Cheap Car Insurance our support team always strive to answer questions individually, especially if you are thinking about using our unique 3 minute quotation form (designed to get you the cheapest quotes possible).

Most Common Car Insurance Questions

However, there are some general questions that we get asked a lot, and because of that, I thought why not come up with a blog post that aims to answers some of these common car insurance questions.

Consider this a car insurance FAQ of sorts. Even better, I’ve decided to keep it really simple, with all answers in 10 words or less.

Let’s get on with the questions and answers:

Q: My friend has borrowed my car and just crashed it, who pays for it…surely they do?

A: Sorry. It’s you car. Your insurance pays.

Q: How do I save money on car insurance, these quotes I’ve been getting are outrageous?

A: Shop around on a comparison website for the best quotes.

Q: I just got a car insurance policy, am I insured to drive any car?

A: Ask the Scottish Transport Minister

Q: Car insurance is so expensive these days…just what is going on here?

A: Factors such as crash for cash and the government.

Q: Is a toy Meerkat proof of insurance when stopped by Police? I have one in my car.

A: In some countries YES. In the UK…NO.

Q: Which is the best car insurance company?

A: Fill out the form to get quotes from over 100.

Q: Do I have to insure my ride on mower?

A: Not yet, but you might have to soon.

Q: Is car insurance a legal requirement to drive on UK roads?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I buy car insurance directly with a car insurance company, rather than through a comparison website?

A: Yes, but we don’t recommend it.

Q: Is third party car insurance the cheapest option?

A: It mostly is, but not always.

Q: What is the cheapest car to insure for young drivers?

A: Reports suggest the Peugeot 206.

Q: Should I let my car insurance policy auto renew after 12 months?

A: No, don’t do it. Shop around for car insurance instead.

Q: Where is the cheapest place in the UK to insure a car?

A: Scotland is cheapest, followed by the South West.

Q: Will the introduction of self driving cars mean I don’t have to get insurance anymore?

A: Car insurance will still be a requirement.

Q: When is the best time to buy car insurance?

A: Not on a Saturday, according to one report.


So there we have it. Some quick and simple answers to your most common car insurance questions.

If you are to take away any message from this post it would be…always compare quotes to save money. That is the main goal here at Cheap Car Insurance, and why some are calling us the number 1 comparison site in the UK.

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