REVEALED – Most Expensive and Cheapest Car Insurance

One of the main factors in how much your car insurance costs is where you live in the country, with some people paying double just because of their location.

That’s right. New research has shown that you can take two people with the exact same age, driving record and vehicle…but when it comes time to get a quote one person gets a cheap quote while the other person pays a lot more.

The Cheapest Car Insurance

I’ve talked before of course about how Scotland has the cheapest car insurance in the UK. One reason for that, in my opinion, is because they make an effort to actually stop drivers who don’t have any car insurance and then get them off the road.

Scotland is joined by the South West for cheap car insurance, where an average policy is going to cost you around £496. That is only £6 more expensive than Scotland.

Other places in the UK that could be considered cheap car insurance hubs are Wales (average £552), South East (£563), South East (£563), Eastern (£546), and North East (£570).

The word “cheap” is subjective of course, and is only cheap when you compare it to other parts of the UK. However, when you consider that many of these places were almost 50% cheaper only 10 years ago, then I think most people are probably not that pleased about paying over £500 a year just to insure their car.

The Most Expensive Car Insurance

So where is the most expensive car insurance in the UK? The research shows that London comes out at the top, with an average policy of £910 a year.

Why is it so expensive in the capital you might be wondering? There are many different reasons why if you ask me. Yes there is more crime and you are more likely to run into a crash for cash gang while on the roads there, or even have your car stolen.

At the end of the day though, the simple fact of the matter is that London is just more expensive in general, whether it is parking your car, renting accommodation, or eating at a restaurant. You are going to pay more, and that includes car insurance

Where else in the country is it expensive to insure a car? The North West is nearly level with London at £906, with the West Midlands being significantly cheaper, but still expensive, at £751 a year.

Two places that were not quite cheap or not particularly expensive were the East Midlands (£662) and Yorkshire (£662).

“Fronting” and Why You Shouldn’t

If you are young driver in Yorkshire then you can expect a more expensive quote though, and that is why so many people there get involved in the act of “fronting” to try and make things cheaper, something which car insurance companies and Police are now getting wise to.

My opinion? It doesn’t matter where you live in the country, you can get a significantly cheaper quote by using a comparison website. You might be surprised at just how cheap…even if you live in London.

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