Get Car Insurance Quotes with Facebook Messenger

We all know that a comparison website is the best place to get cheap car insurance quotes, but is it the only place? Apparently not.

What I’ve been hearing is that Facebook is partnering up with a tech firm, with the mission of offering people car insurance quotes when they are using Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Do a U-Turn

This surprises me actually, because it was only a few months ago when I reported how Facebook blocked attempts by a car insurance company to access user accounts. It now seems that they have changed their mind about the whole thing, and are eager to get into the car insurance business.

So how does this all work exactly? While I am not down with the exact technology that is being used, what my insider sources have mentioned is that it is some kind of Bot that has been “plugged in” to Facebook Messenger, where users can then input certain data about themselves in order to get a quote.

I guess it is similar to the technology that is used when a comparison website sends off your data to over 100 companies, and then instantly gets the best quote for you and your vehicle.

You Can Trust a Comparison Website

The only difference is that comparison websites are established and trusted, while a Bot on a social media site…well, who knows what is going on there? I don’t think I would use it, but that is just my own opinion of course.

This actually reminds me of the recent story where I reported on how Ford and Amazon are partnering together and offering software to compare car insurance from inside the car itself. “Just ask your car for cheap car insurance,” Say Ford.

Bots, Talking Cars and Super Computers

Also, let’s not forget that Tesla are also working on a super computer that is to be installed in all of their self driving vehicles, with the main idea that it can be updated with new software without the driver having to constantly buy a vehicle everytime the technology changes.

It appears that we are very much about to enter a world of bots, talking cars and super computers, where consumers can get a car insurance quote without any kind of human being involved.

What is the end result going to be…flying cars perhaps? Maybe.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes For All

Personally though, I’m more about the good old days of car insurance, where you could get a fair quote and not be left wondering “what is going on here” when you get a quote of £1000.

So where can you get a fair quote and have the best possible chance of saving as much money as possible? Right here if you ask me.

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