Brits Want Self Driving Cars From Ford…NOT Google

The self driving revolution is nearly here, but many people in the UK don’t like the idea of buying a Google…or Apple…or Uber. Instead, they want a Ford.

In a survey that asked thousands of ordinary members of the public what they were planning to buy once “cars that drive themselves” appear on the roads, the vast majority admitted it was a Ford that was right on top of their shopping list.

The Public Vote With Their Money

This is strange really, because anytime you hear about self driving cars in the news it is always brands such as Google and Apple that are mentioned. However, when it comes time to get out their wallets, it seems that many people would like to stick with brands they know and trust.

It doesn’t surprise me actually, because at the end of the day brand recognition only goes so far, and you typically start to associate one particular brand with a certain type of product.

In other words, when you think of Google then you think of search engines and email.

However, when you think of Ford then you think of cars…and that is about it.

Ford…A Car of the People

The survey backs up my theory, because when asked, participants in the survey mentioned that previous experience with buying Ford cars meant they would prefer a self driving car from them instead of a company like Apple or Uber.

Very interesting if you ask me and good news for traditional car manufacturers who might have been concerned about losing market share to these digital giants.

With that being said, I don’t think car giants such as Ford and Toyota can just sit back and relax now. Yes they might have an advantage when it comes to brand recognition in the car marketplace, but if a company like Google comes up with a self driving car that is far superior to anything else, then I think people would buy that instead.

Ford and Amazon Work Together

What I reckon is going to happen eventually though is that these companies will start working together. We’ve already heard how Ford and Amazon announced a partnership…expect to hear more stories like this.

It is the sensible thing to do if you ask me, because companies like Ford get to focus on the manufacturing side, while companies like Amazon bring their knowledge of technology to self driving cars. At the end of the day it is the customer that wins.

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