27% Would Buy Car Insurance from Apple, Amazon and Google

Well known brands such as Apple, Amazon and Google make billions every year, but could they enter the car insurance market? Possibly…

Some people in the UK would buy car insurance from them anyway, with 27% of people admitting in a recent survey that if Apple, Amazon, or Google offered them a policy, they would take them up on the offer.

That actually wouldn’t be too much of a problem when you think about it, because most people have either an account with Apple, Amazon or Google. Some have all three.

Self Driving Car Insurance

Not only that, but as I have reported about before, all of these companies are looking to get into the self driving car market, with the race well and truly on to see who can get a decent car out there first.

Once they are selling Apple, Amazon and Google self driving cars, it will be natural to offer insurance with a purchase.

Does this mean the end for traditional car insurance companies you might be wondering? In my opinion…no, for the basic reason that the consumer market for car insurance is very price driven, where motorists like to shop around for quotes in order to get a cheap deal.

A Quote From Over 100 Insurance Companies

Take this comparison website for example, where by filling in a simple form that takes less than 3 minutes you instantly get quotes from over 100 insurance companies.

Now imagine if we only sent your details off to three companies…Apple, Amazon and Google. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t get a very competitive quote.

That is why competition will always be around in the car insurance industry, because the public demands it. If these big companies do get into the game, sure, they will get a bit of market share, but I don’t think they will come anywhere close to owning it.

Make sure you take advantage of that by getting the car insurance companies to square off against each other and compete for your business.

Our Site is Different from the Rest

Also, if you use this comparison website then you get even more of an advantage. Do you know why? Because we also include insurance brokers in our search, which means you really do get a wide variety of quotes from everywhere.

Many times, car insurance brokers offer the best quotes, but a lot of comparison websites don’t include them. We do, so that you benefit.

It will be interesting to see if Apple, Amazon and Google do get into the car insurance market, and if they do, you may very well get the best quote from them.

Simple Form = Cheap Car Insurance

In the meantime, I advise everyone to use our simple form to get a quote, where all you require is a few basic details. For example, just enter your car registration and the form automatically puts in the information about your car.

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