The Car Insurance “Fronting” Capital is…

We already know where the crash for cash capital is…but what about the car insurance fronting capital? A new survey gives us the answer.

The place is South Yorkshire, where over half of those surveyed said they believed it was acceptable to “front” in order to get a cheap car insurance quote.

Young Drivers and Fronting

For those of you not in the know…”fronting” or “to front” is when a driver, typically a young driver, puts someone else as the main driver on their policy, even though they won’t be driving.

For example, 18 year old Ed puts his more experienced Uncle Ted as the main driver because he is more likely to get a cheap quote. The reason for doing this is because young people normally get very expensive quotes, even if they only have a cheap car.

Fronting might be a good idea, if it wasn’t illegal and completely frowned upon by car insurance companies.

If caught, your policy is ripped up and the cops might even come knocking at your door. That is why I always advise people to always tell the truth when getting a quote and to never “front” because it just isn’t worth it.

Fronting in South Yorkshire

However, it appears that people in South Yorkshire are not listening to me. As the survey shows, 50% of drivers there are fine with the idea, and this has led Police in the county to offer a reminder and warning.

Firstly, they are launching some campaigns in Yorkshire aimed at educating the public about the fact that fronting is illegal.

Secondly, they have made it clear that people caught fronting might just be getting a visit from Police, and if you’ve got previous then a night in the local nick might even be in order.

My advice to anyone that lives in South Yorkshire…now that you know about this, make sure you don’t do it.

Fronting isn’t hip and it isn’t cool, if you do it then you should go back to school…because you clearly are not ready for driving on UK roads and owning a car.

A Message to Parents

This includes parents as well. If your son or daughter has recently asked you “to front” then you might have been thinking about doing it.

Well, don’t…because if caught it could end up affecting your own car insurance policy, which means your insurance might become more expensive as a result, even if you have years of no claim bonuses.

Not only that, but how would you feel if neighbours witnessed you being taken away in a Police Car? There goes your reputation in the community, and all because you fronted for your son or daughter.

So there we have it. The car fronting capital is South Yorkshire, although from what I’ve hearing, this is a problem all around the country.

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