How to Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Right Now

Every day I get questions from the UK public about getting cheap car insurance quotes. People around the country are paying too much it seems.

It doesn’t surprise me one bit that people are searching for this, because the cost of running a car right now is astronomical and everyone wants to save money…not spend more of it.

You Are in Control

If your petrol, tax, MOT, servicing costs are just getting out of hand then most of the time there isn’t anything you can do. Fortunately, your car insurance costs is the one thing you can do something about, thanks mainly to the popularity of comparison websites.

Gone are the days where you stuck with one company for years or you played the field by contacting two other companies.

These days, by using a comparison website you instantly have access to potentially hundreds of companies, who are willing to compete against each other and give you cheap car insurance quotes.

It really doesn’t get any easier than this. Even if you’ve been with your current insurer for 20 years…you can begin getting quotes from over 100 other companies in minutes.

You Can’t Trust Everybody

The one thing I will say is that you must be careful about some of the so called “comparison websites” out there. A quick search on Google brings up many different sites, but who can you trust? Unfortunately, not many.

I’ve heard quite of lot of stories about some websites using insurance companies that are not very well known, and although they might offer really cheap car insurance quotes, when something happens your insurance might not be worth the paper it is printed on. This can even get you in trouble with the Police.

That is why I recommend you always check that any company who offers you a car insurance quote is fully authorised and regulated, and only use a comparison website that deals with these kind of companies. It really is the only way to guarantee you get genuine quotes and insurance.

Save Money by Shopping Around

Still not convinced about comparing car insurance? Well, recent research suggests you could save nearly 250 pounds by shopping around. Not everybody gets that of course, but you don’t know until you try.

At the end of the day, by getting as many different quotes as possible, it puts you firmly back in control of your motoring. Sure, you might have to pay those silly petrol prices, and there isn’t much you can do about the new tax laws for drivers…but with car insurance you have a choice.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes? Maybe Not…

Something worth considering is that cheap is not always the best.. Yes price is a factor, but if you own a Ferrari then only getting third party insurance is ridiculous. Sometimes you have to pay a bit more to make sure you are completely covered if something happens to your car.

Unfortunately, car crime is getting worse in the UK, as well as crash for cash scams where criminal gangs prowl the country looking for innocent victims. Just make sure you are covered for most outcomes when comparing cheap car insurance quotes.

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