50p for Cheap Car Insurance According to Supermarket

The boss of popular supermarket Sainsbury’s has been doing some research on cheap car insurance, and he reckons you only have to spend 50p.

Only 50p for cheap car insurance, you can’t be serious? Well, according to the research if you buy a bag for life from Sainsbury’s (which cost 50p) then generally speaking, you will be a safer motorist than somebody who doesn’t.

Cheap Car Insurance at Sainsbury’s

When I first read this story my initial reaction was “yeah right, how can this be possible?” but apparently the people over at Sainsbury’s have really looked at the numbers, and the conclusion is simple…if you have a bag for life then you are less likely to make a claim.

This kind of reminds me of the Facebook story from a few months back where a car insurance company wanted to access data from user posts.

Their main idea was that people who had certain personality traits and used things like calendar apps were more likely to obey the laws of the road, while people who were aggressive and didn’t use calendar apps were probably going to be causing trouble on our roads.

Anyway, back to Sainsbury’s, and what appears to be happening is that customers who buy a bag for life are being offered cheap car insurance by recommended partners of the supermarket.

The Best Place to Find Car Insurance

Do you know what though…in my opinion I think the last place you want to be looking for car insurance is a supermarket.

We’ve already heard about how Co-Op got into trouble for confusing their customers. Sometimes it is better to go with the experts…a website that dedicates itself 100% to finding you cheap car insurance.

A website like this one. A comparison website where no matter who you are and where you live, there is a good chance you can get a reasonable quote, and the best part is that you don’t have to buy a bag for life to qualify.

No Carrier Bags Required

That’s right. Here at Cheap Car Insurance we don’t care if you have a bag for life or buy a different carrier bag everytime you visit the supermarket. Our number one goal is to find you a car insurance company that is willing to offer a fair and reasonable quote.

If you consider yourself a safe motorist and want to be rewarded for that, you might want to try telematics instead of buying a bag for life from Sainsbury’s. This is where the insurance company records data about your driving style, and then after a few months offers you a better quote if you do well.

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