New Mobile Phone Law – Thousands of Motorists Caught

It has been illegal to use a mobile phone at the wheel for years…but a tough new law means that if caught, you are going to be really punished.

The new mobile phone law came into effect on the 1st March, and surprise, surprise, within minutes the Police were catching drivers in on the act, doing things like talking, texting and checking social media.

He Wanted Directions to…disqualified

Take one teenage driver for example, who was caught by Police checking the Sat Nav on his mobile phone. Well, because he has only recently passed his test, he instantly lost his license.

Yes you read that right. If you have passed your driving test within the last two years then if Police catch you on your phone while driving…you get 6 points on your license, meaning you are disqualified.

I just hope this teenage driver had not recently taken out expensive insurance for his car and paid it all upfront, because as I’ve reported before, young people are getting some outrageous quotes right now.

It’s a much better idea to take the monthly payment option, because then if you do get disqualified you can cancel the insurance. Just don’t “Front,” because you will get in trouble again.

6 Points on Your License

Back to the story, and other drivers are also given 6 points for mobile phone offences under the new law, while previously it was 3 points.

You can also expect tougher fines and less leniency from Police. They don’t care if you were just checking Facebook or sending a smiley face on WhatsApp…if you have a phone in your hand then you are in trouble.

Just be aware that if you get 12 points on your license then you are banned from driving. Simple as that. You only need to be caught on your mobile phone twice for this to happen.

Although the media has been filled with stories about this new mobile phone law over the last few weeks, on the morning of March 1st when the law came into effect, a photographer went to the side of a busy road, and within minutes took pictures of numerous people with phones in hand.

It really does make you wonder what they are thinking? Just put your phone away and focus on the road.

It is also worth noting that Police are being extremely vigilant about this right now because they really want to crack down on drivers who break the law. You don’t even have to be on your mobile phone.

They are Watching You

Teams of undercover cops are patrolling cities such as Bristol as we speak. Even if you don’t see a Police car around, that doesn’t mean they are not watching you.

My advice is simple here…obey the new mobile phone law and put your phone away while driving. Not only will it keep you out of trouble with the Police, but it will also make you a safer driver.

New Mobile Phone Law = Cheap Car Insurance

If everyone follows my advice then as a result car insurance should become cheaper, because there will be less incidents on the road.

Let’s wait to see what happens though. Something tells me a lot of drivers are going to be getting 6 points on their license over the next few months.

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