£8000 for Car Insurance? No Thanks

A new driver by the name of Emily Thorbjornsen from Cheshire was quoted an astonishing £8000 a year for car insurance.

What made the quote even more baffling is that it was 50 times the cost of her car. It wasn’t like she was trying to insure a Ferrari here…it was just your normal run of the mill motor, something designed to get you from A to B.

My first reaction when hearing about this was…just what is going on here, has the car insurance industry really come to the point where a new driver gets such an outrageous quote? Just what are some of these insurance companies thinking.

Emily, who had already spent over £500 on her driving lessons, and another £150 on her car, was nearly at the point of just giving up and going to catch the bus instead, when she heard about something called telematics.

Regular readers of this blog will be all too familiar with how telematics works, so I won’t go into the finer details here, but what I will say is that it’s designed to save you money if your car insurance quote was just way too expensive…like £8000 too expensive.

Anyway back to the story, and Emily decided to go with telematics car insurance, and because of this the insurance company decided to offer her a cheaper deal, only £3000 this time around.

At this point my advice to Emily would have been to compare telematics car insurance. Play those insurers against each other and see if you can get that quote down to £2000.

However, although she initially took the quote of £3000 to insure her car, with safe driving and obeying the laws of the road, the price now stands at £2700. Still not exactly cheap is it.

This makes you wonder if another option might have been more suitable for Emily. Perhaps renting a car for £10 a day or going with the newly launched pay as you go car insurance? In my opinion she made the right choice though, because if she continues to obey the laws of the road then her car insurance premium will get cheaper, and in a few years it will no doubt be under £1000.

The moral of the story…all new and young drivers should look at telematics car insurance if you ask me, and then use a comparison site like this one to compare all of the companies offering it.

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