Instant Karma for Litter Lout Motorist

Motorists throwing litter from car windows is nothing new, but a video on social media shows one motorist getting a surprise…and instant karma.

Now I am not one for encouraging the public to take justice into their own hands, but when you see people throwing their trash out of a car window, well, I think sometimes these law breakers deserve to be taught a lesson.

That is exactly what happened to the motorist who was caught on video discarding his wrappers and what not out of his car window while stopped at a traffic light.

The motorist in the car next to him saw the offence and immediately got out of his car, and then proceeded to pick up the rubbish and throw it back into the car right at the offending driver.

What has made this video a hit on social media, and gave the litter lout a taste of “instant karma,” was the fact that as the rubbish was thrown back into the car it knocked his hat off, teaching him a lesson he won’t forget.

I’m sure he didn’t expect everything to come right back at him, although unfortunately it looks like the lesson might not have stayed with him for long.

After receiving the litter back in the car he decides to throw it back out again, which then resulted in an angry confrontation between the litter lout and the other motorist.

Fortunately, it didn’t result in a fight, as both men decided it wasn’t worth the bother to start throwing punches over a few bits of rubbish. However, It just goes to show that some people really don’t care about what they do and how their actions have implications on society.

For example, this litter lout has no idea that £6 million of tax payers money is spent every single year removing litter from motorways and roads in the UK. Not exactly small change, and something that could be eradicated overnight if people didn’t throw litter out of their car window.

Why do people do it anyway? Is it really that bad to simply keep a few bits of rubbish in your car until you get home or find a bin? It makes you wonder what some motorists are thinking.

Currently, the fine for being caught littering on roads is £80, although in my opinion I think there should be more punishment for littering. If having your hat knocked off isn’t going to stop a litter lout, then I doubt £80 is either.

How about making car insurance more expensive for anybody that is caught littering our roads? The offender instantly gets £100 added to their car insurance policy, while an innocent member of the public has £100 taken off.

What I am trying to say here is that I think it is time that law abiding citizens are rewarded, while those who break the law and make things more expensive for everyone else, they should be punished if you ask me.

I don’t think the car insurance idea is going to happen any time soon, although if you are looking for a cheap quote then my recommendation is to use a comparison website.

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