£1.5 Billion Wasted on Auto Renewing Car Insurance

It makes you wonder why UK drivers choose to auto renew their car insurance, because almost every time they could get a cheaper deal elsewhere.

This has just been confirmed by a new report, that estimates drivers are wasting £1.5 billion pounds a year on auto renewing car insurance.

Part of the reason why people choose auto renewing car insurance instead of looking elsewhere is not necessarily laziness, although that does play a factor, but I think the main reason is that the majority of motorists just don’t know how to find cheaper quotes.

Take your average driver for example, who obeys the laws of the road and hasn’t made any claims over the past year.

According to a recent survey car insurance is going to be £100 more expensive next year, even for people who follow the rules and are loyal to their company company. If this annoys you then it should, but most drivers don’t know how to get a cheaper quote.

Sure, you might have tried contacting a few car insurance companies, but it was time consuming talking to each one individually, and with each one you got a similar quote, around the same price you are currently paying.

This means you keep on auto renewing your car insurance, and just try to forget about the fact you are paying more for insuring a car every year.

It seems there are 5.25 million people out there right now doing exactly this, auto renewing their car insurance even though it is getting expensive.

What can you do to find cheap car insurance? The answer is a comparison website, like this one you are on right now, with only 3 minutes of your time it is easy to get quotes from over 100 insurers. All you need is a few basic details and we do the rest.

Forget about loyalty to your current provider, do you honestly think they really care about you? If they did then your car insurance would be getting cheaper, but it isn’t. This is your time to fight back and show them who is boss., while at the same time saving yourself some cash.

So what happens if you do find a cheaper quote by using this website, is it difficult to switch car insurance companies? Actually no it isn’t, and most of the time it can be done with a simple phone call to your current provider.

Interestingly, when you tell them you have got a cheaper quote elsewhere and want to switch, you might find them willing to offer you a better deal. Sometimes it takes the thought of you going to a rival company that makes them to start to appreciate your custom.

My advice to everybody out there…stop auto renewing car insurance and start comparing car insurance.

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