Government Introduce New Bill for Self Driving Car Insurance

Everyone that reads this site will be well aware of the self driving car revolution, and now it seems the government are getting on board too.

I’ve actually spoke before about how officials were planning to introduce a new Bill regarding self driving car insurance. Well, it looks like they got to work pretty fast, because it has just been introduced to the UK public and it certainly makes for interesting reading.

The official title is the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill, although I don’t think we are going to be seeing flying cars any time soon, so they might want to drop the aviation part.

However, we will be seeing self driving cars very soon, which means clarification on what happens when incidents occur is much needed. This new bill has gone a long way in making us understand more about how everything is going to work.

Do you know what…I get a lot of people contacting me asking questions about self driving car insurance. Many of you are wondering what will happen if 2 cars in self drive mode collide? Up until this point I could only speculate when speaking with the UK public, but now there are some definite facts for me to use when answering your questions.

Put simply, this new Bill from the government wants to make sure that every driver on UK roads has 2 types of car insurance, one for when they are driving and one for when the vehicle is driving so to speak.

I guess the main question that many of you are going to have is…2 car insurance policies, surely that is going to make car insurance more expensive? Obviously I can’t answer this question for definite, although I don’t think it will, mainly because once the self driving technology becomes the norm then we should see less incidents on the road, meaning there will be less people claiming on their car insurance.

Let’s wait to find out what happens with all of this though, because at the moment this is just the first draft of the Bill, and as self driving technology starts to be used more on UK roads I’m sure the government will update the Bill when needed.

One thing to note is that if a vehicle owner makes unauthorised changes to the self driving software found in the car or they don’t make an important update, then it could mean their car insurance is worthless.

Also, as of right now the Bill only applies to England, Scotland, and Wales. Northern Ireland has not been mentioned yet.

What I do know for definite is that whatever happens with self driving car insurance, you are in the right place for comparing it…so make sure you come back when it’s time to get quotes for your new car that drives itself.

In the meantime, you can compare car insurance right now, and get quotes from hundreds of insurance companies.

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