Scottish Police Take Away 206 Vehicles for no Car Insurance

It seems that not everybody read the recent post I wrote on how Scottish Police were getting ready to do a crack down on motorists with no car insurance.

Perhaps some people did read it and thought I was joking? Well, it was no joke, and true to their word Scottish Police took to the roads and began operation “no car insurance” in a bid to get motorists who break the law off the road.

Looks like it worked, because I’ve just received a report that 206 vehicles were taken away for not having any car insurance during the week long crack down.

We all know how uninsured drivers make car insurance more expensive for everybody else. Why should they continue to get away with it, while everybody else has to pay? It’s good to see something being done.

One reason why I think Scotland are leading the way on this is because they already have the cheapest car insurance in the UK. They want to keep it that way. I think other places in the UK should take note.

It was actually 349 drivers that were stopped during the week long effort by Police in Scotland, and out of those drivers 206 had their vehicles taken away. No doubt the others were given a telling off and maybe even a fine, with a warning to get your car insurance sorted out as quickly as possible.

If the Police were in a good mood they could have even pointed them in the direction of comparison website, where they only have to enter their details once in order to get over 100 quotes. It really is that easy, so there is no excuse for not having insurance, no matter where you live.

When asked to give a few words, Superintendent Fraser Candlish, who is Deputy Head of Road Policing for Police Scotland, commented, “These figures demonstrate that there are still some drivers who continue to drive their vehicle without proper insurance cover. Although the campaign has now ended, we will continue to stop those drivers using uninsured vehicles and remove their vehicles from the roads.”

The message is clear here if you ask me. They have won the battle, and they want to win the war.

In other words, it was a good result but the Police in Scotland realise there is still thousands of drivers on the roads of places like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, and Fife that do not have any kind of insurance, and for that reason they are going to continue going after them.

My advice to anyone in Scotland who doesn’t have car insurance is simple…get it sorted straight away, because something tells me The Police are going to be taking away a lot more cars.

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