How to get Cheap Car Insurance in 2017

Every day my inbox is full of people wanting to know one thing…how to get cheap car insurance in 2017? Good question, and here is my answer.

In fact there are 7 answers, or secrets if you will, to getting cheap car insurance UK right now, no matter where you live and what kind of car your drive. If you don’t want to keep on paying those expensive policies anymore then keep reading to discover more.

The right job title

One tip I learned from Martin Lewis is that you should always use the right job title. For example, in a recent study they found that using the title of “kitchen staff” results in a quote £98 more expensive than if the same person used “chef.”

Very interesting if you ask me, and that is why you should spend some time making sure you get it right.

Add an experienced driver

If you just can’t seem to get cheap car insurance then my next tip could make things a bit easier. So what is it? Well, it’s all about adding someone else to your policy as a secondary driver, someone who has experience and a good track record on the road.

I am not talking about the illegal activity of “fronting” here which has been in the news quite a lot recently. This is completley different and a legitimate way to get a cheaper quote.

Don’t wait until the last minute

I would guess that around 80% of the UK public wait until the very last minute on their renewal date to start looking for cheap car insurance, but this doesn’t give them much time at all.

That is why I would advise everybody to start shopping around at least 3 weeks before your policy is set to renew. Research suggests that people who do this save an average of £280.

Cashback for cheap car insurance

A good tip for anyone in the UK looking for cheap car insurance is to use certain cashback sites to get a better deal. This doesn’t always work out as the best way to do it (a comparison website is usually preferable) but it’s always worth checking.

Someone I know recently got £110 from one of those cash back sites for switching through them, although they would probabaly have saved more using a real comparison website.

Don’t pay monthly, pay up front

While allowing car insurance companies to take payments out of your bank account on a monthly basis might seem like the best idea, in reality it works out more expensive than paying upfront…£62 more expensive if you believe a recent study.

This is because insurers put interest on your monthly payments, so in my opinion you should pay upfront if possible.

Look at the extras

Ever wonder why your car insurance is so expensive at renewal time? It could be all the extras that are included on your policy.

Things such as breakdown cover, windscreen cover, courtesy car, driving abroad cover…they all start to add up, and for most people they don’t really need them. Make sure you read the wording of your policy carefully and take off anything that doesn’t seem necessary

Use a comparison website

Follow all of the above tips and you should save a few hundred pound a year, but what if you still want to save more money? In order to get the cheap car insurance you deserve the best tip I can give you is to use a comparison website.

It takes 3 minutes to put in your details, and then everything is sent to hundreds of companies who all offer you quotes. You can then choose the cheapest. Give it a try.

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