Car Stolen? Your Insurance Company Might Not Care

People are finding out that just because you’re insured for theft doesn’t mean your car insurance company will actually pay out if your car gets stolen.

This comes at a time when vehicle theft in the UK is becoming a real problem, and if your car is even half way decent then criminal gangs, or even just an opportunistic criminal will probably have given it the once over.

It also appears that cars get stolen more in the winter. I’ve reported before on how car thefts happen when people leave the engine running and go back in the house…all to defrost the windscreen. This is just the kind of opportunity that thieves need, and it doesn’t take them long.

This is why I always advise readers of this blog to never, under any circumstances leave your car alone with the engine running.

You might think it sounds obvious, but every day there are reports about vehicles being stolen because the owner left the engine running while they…went in the shop…defrosted the windscreen…went to the post box…went to the cash machine…went to pay at the petrol station…the list goes on.

Even if you you live on a quiet street where crime is almost unheard of, this is exactly the type of place that experienced criminal gangs like to ply their trade because they know it is going to be easy.

Like I mentioned, don’t automatically assume that your car insurance company is going to be understanding in situations like this…chances are they won’t.

Do you think these multi million pound car insurance companies got rich by paying out thousands of pounds to everybody who ever had a car stolen? I don’t think they did, especially to people who leave their cars unattended with the engine running. It’s basically like leaving a big sign on the car that says “steal me.”

So what should you do if your car is stolen? The best advice is to report it to the Police straight away and then note down as much information about what happened so you can assist them once they come round to visit the scene.

The smart thing to do of course is never have you car stolen in the first place. Never leave it unattended, park it off the street and invest in good quality security. These are all things that your car insurance company likes, and will also get them to reward you with cheap car insurance quotes when it comes time to renew.

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