Student uses Cheap Car Insurance Companies to Save £640

Amy Cross is just your typical student, and after passing her test she went looking for cheap car insurance companies to fit into her budget.

What she didn’t realise is that after comparing quotes from a number of companies, all of which were giving her expensive prices, she was about to stumble on a company that would save her £640 a year, pretty much half of what she would have paid elsewhere.

At this point you might be wondering how you can do the same, especially if you are a student or young driver? How is it possible to find these cheap car insurance companies? The answer is something called telematics, which is installed into your vehicle and then provides the insurer with details about your driving style.

Back to the story and what happened is that initially she had to pay the full price to insure her vehicle, but because she also agreed to install telematics then once the car insurance company got more information about her driving skills they were comfortable enough to give her a saving of £640.

In a time when the average car insurance policy is £767, which is often more for younger drivers, then it’s good to hear about someone who has found a cheap car insurance company that is prepared to give them a chance.

Many young drivers have resorted to the illegal activity of “fronting” to try and get cheaper quotes, something I advise you not to do.

Instead, you should give telematics a try. It will monitor your driving style, such as speed, cornering, acceleration and braking, as well as recording the location and time of each journey you take.

Yes this does sound a bit like they are watching you, and there are some people who don’t like telematics because of that, but in my opinion the only goal here is cheaper car insurance, and if you obey the laws of the road then there shouldn’t be a problem.

This leads us to the question…how much information would you be prepared to share in order to save money on car insurance? It wasn’t that long ago that some insurers wanted to get access to Facebook accounts to find out more details about your personality, something which Facebook declined.

I think it comes down to your own choice. If you don’t mind someone recording your driving data or looking through your Facebook posts, then why shouldn’t it be allowed to happen? You should be free to do what you want.

Just like Amy Cross who found cheap car insurance companies that offered telematics, which then saved her £640 a year.

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