Londoners Say “Electric Cars are Too Expensive”

A few hundred Londoners were asked their opinion about electric cars in a new survey, and the result was obvious…they don’t want them.

Now, it’s not that people in London don’t care about the environment, in fact it appears they do according to the survey…it’s just that most people believe that electric cars are way too expensive right now, both to buy and to maintain.

I couldn’t agree more with this especially when it comes to electric car insurance. The problem is that mechanics are not trained yet in repairing electric cars, which means insurance is always going to be more expensive.

There are a few car insurance companies out there who specialise in electric cars, but right now if you are thinking about buying an electric car in the UK then you will pay more.

Some people don’t mind that, but for most Londoners and people around the country, they want to keep things as cheap as possible especially as motoring is becoming more expensive in 2017.

Some reports suggest that electric car insurance is currently 50% more expensive than normal car insurance. Like I said, a lack of skilled mechanics in this area is the main reason, with only 1% of mechanics having the training and qualifications needed to work on these vehicles.

Also, when you consider that electric cars are really quite expensive to buy, then it’s easy to see why people in London are not convinced yet.

This all comes at a time of course when driverless cars are also being talked about a lot. Some experts think we could see a major breakthrough in this market within the next few years, and then driverless technology will become the norm.

I agree, although I’m not sure exactly when driverless cars will be on our roads, they will get there eventually.

What is even more interesting is that self driving technology should make car insurance cheaper, which makes the cost of motoring more affordable for everybody.

Who knows, maybe driverless electric cars are going to be popular? I think it will be some time until we get to that point.

Another reason why Londoners don’t like the idea of electric cars is the lack of charging points. Yes this is an issue, and although it will get better, you can’t really blame people for being unenthusiastic about electric cars when there is a lack of places to charge them up.

The same would happen if London only had a few petrol stations, there would be chaos, with cars breaking down all over the place.

Fortunately, there are many petrol stations in London, so for now electric cars are not on the top of shopping lists as people want to save money and make motoring as easy as possible.

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