Cheap Car Insurance Quotes? It Doesn’t Look Good

A source close to the industry told me today that cheap car insurance quotes could soon be very difficult to get for the average UK motorist.

They also added that premiums could become 50% more expensive this year for some drivers, with some people getting quoted £230 more than last year. Well, I must say, I didn’t see that one coming, although I always say that cheap car insurance companies are becoming more elusive..

So why is this happening? There are a few different reasons, but one that my source mentioned as being the main reason is this whole compensation culture and crash for cash madness we keep hearing about.

You know what, if there is one thing I don’t like hearing about it is these people who try to get compensation for nothing. They might think they are being clever, but all they really do is make everything more expensive…with car insurance being one of the main things.

I’ve lost count of the amount of people who contact me and say “car insurance is just so expensive now, it isn’t fair.”

No, it isn’t fair, but for as long as the UK government and car insurance companies allow this kind of thing to happen, the more expensive things are going to become.

The UK government need to get tougher on this whole compensation culture, a lot of which comes from Europe with their stupid laws. After Brexit this might change…who knows.

The car insurance companies simply need to do more to fight against compensation claims and to get tougher against these crash for cash scams and the gangs that plan them.

Unfortunately, I reckon most insurance companies don’t think it is their department to do something about it. Instead, they just pass on the extra expenses to the customer and expect them to keep on paying. There is only so much people will take though.

One interesting piece of information I would like to share with you is the fact that cheap car insurance quotes are possible, even with all of this madness that is going on right now you can still save money and get a cheaper deal.

Does that sound unrealistic? It is for most people because they shop for car insurance in completely the wrong way. What they do is stay with the same company for years, or when they shop around they only go to a couple of other companies.

According to experts what you should do is use a comparison website, such as this one. Forget about gimmicks and TV adverts, just focus on a site that makes it easy and simple for you to compare car insurance from hundreds of different companies.

That is how you get cheap car insurance quotes, even when it appears like everybody is trying to stop you from achieving it. You have to do things differently otherwise you get the same results as everyone else.

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