Mobile Company O2 Launch Car Insurance

Just when you thought the car insurance market couldn’t get any more competitive, it did, this time with mobile company O2 launching their own product.

It is called O2 Drive and will place an emphasis on telematics technology, something that I have talked about numerous times on this blog of course.

The Benefits of Telematics

Perhaps O2 have decided to try and go after younger drivers as their main customer? Drivers under the age of 25 can really benefit from telematics as it gives accurate data about their driving style, which then leads to cheaper car insurance if they obey the laws of the road.

O2 is also a well known brand in the UK, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they quickly gain some market share, especially when you consider they already have the mobile aspect covered.

As we know, more people than ever before are using their smartphones to search for car insurance, with many even downloading Apps to get a quote. If O2 make the right deals and do things right, they could find themselves in a position where their car insurance App is already installed on brand new phones.

Who knows how this is all going to play out? What I do know is that if O2 are successful then we can expect to see other mobile companies looking to get into car insurance.

Car Insurance Comparison

While you might certainly get a cheap car insurance quote by going directly to a car insurance App, in order to find the very best deals you should always start with a comparison website that specialises in getting quotes from many different companies.

This is the only way to be 100% sure you are getting the best deal, and not only that, but it’s also the quickest.

Sure, you could go to O2 and get a quote from them, and then go to another car insurance company and get a quote from them…and on and on, but all of that is going to take time.

If you’ve got a few hours to spare then by all means do that, but in my opinion it is much faster, easier, and relaxing to simply fill-in a quick form and then instantly get your information sent to the insurance companies.

Right now, car insurance is more expensive than ever before, so as a consumer you need to be smart and do everything you can to get one over on the car insurance companies.

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