£10 for Anyone who Finds illegally Parked Cars

What if you could do the job of a traffic warden, and make a tenner every time you found a car that was illegally parked? Most people would do it I think.

Well, we might be about to find out thanks to a new smartphone App that was recently released by a parking firm.

The idea is basically this…if you find a car that is parked illegally in your neighbourhood then take a picture with your phone, upload it to the App and they will pay you £10.

Smartphone “Traffic Wardens”

Most people dislike traffic wardens so it will be interesting to see if those same people would effectively do the same thing for a few quid. I reckon we might be witnessing a lot of “traffic wardens” patrolling the streets of the UK with smartphone in hand.

This got me thinking though…could the same idea be used in the car insurance industry. For example, let’s imagine that someone came up with an App which could identify cars that didn’t have any insurance.

Ordinary members of the British public could walk around the streets “scanning” cars with their phones and then if one comes up without insurance the App is alerted and the person gets some money.

£10 for anyone who finds cars with no insurance. I’m sure many people out there would be up for the challenge.

These kind of ideas are sure to start debates among people about what is right and what is wrong. One side will argue that having any kind of parking or car insurance App designed to catch motorists out is just plain wrong, and is basically an invasion of privacy, while at the same time turning people against each other all in the name of some cash.

Nothing to Worry About?

Others will say that if you don’t park illegally or drive without insurance then you don’t have anything to worry about.

Obviously, the car insurance App is just a potential idea, but the parking App is something that is available to download and use right now.

Whether you think it is right or wrong, there is no denying that many will see this as an opportunity to start making some money.

My opinion? I think in some areas illegal parking is a major problem, where drivers just don’t care they are breaking the law.

However, there are many instances where parking firms are simply trying to make as much money as possible, turning a city into one big no-parking zone.

It makes it impossible for motorists to park anywhere, something that won’t get any easier if everyone has the potential to become a traffic warden with their smartphone.

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